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First City Bank and TrustEdit

Bricky roads
they trappers grass,
stoney walls
they trappers wind,
iron stove
it trappers fire.

Trappers is we
by the works of hands,
and forget us
we were ever free...

-- Inked grass scroll

I'm not surprised that the Mechanists aren't the saints they claim to be, no one
in the city is. But at least they've done me the favor of recording the
incriminating meeting they had with Sheriff Truart. That recording should let me
exert a little pressure on Truart to find out who hired him to kill me.

T2 B07 01 T2 B07 02

But I'll have to acquire it first. The Mechanists put the recording in a safety deposit
box earlier today but since I have a copy of the key, I should be able to open it.

T2 B07 03

It didn't take much to learn that the Mechanists do all their banking with First
City Bank and Trust, one of the wealthiest establishments in town, catering to
the financial needs of the city's upper crust. The bank vault is a huge tower and I'm sure
the safety deposit boxes are inside. Once inside the bank, I'll visit the Hall of
Records and do a little snooping to find out which box belongs to the Mechanists.

T2 B07 04

Then I'll need to find a way to get inside the vault itself, grab the recording,
and get out. No doubt the bank is well protected by Mechanist security machines,
in addition to the usual guard contingent. Risky, but you know, I've always
wanted a good enough excuse to break into First City Bank and Trust. But I always
thought I'd be taking the risk, just for the money.

T2 B07 05