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The man who learns
only what others know
is as ignorant as if
he learns nothing

The treasures
of knowledge are
the most rare, and
guarded the most harshly.

-- Chronicle of the first age

I headed back to my safe house and kept thinking about the letter. I know they're
trying to manipulate me, but Keepers never alter the truth, just keep it in the
shadows. Besides, it's not like I got a lot of leads anyway.

T2 B06 01 T2 B06 02

If you seek the private knowledge of the Sheriff, go to the Eastport Mechanist
seminary tomorrow night. With stealthy discretion, overhear what you may, at a
certain very timely meeting.

T2 B06 03

Looks like I have something useful to learn from a seminary for a change. There
are two open towers and some back doors which might be helpful for getting in.
The catacombs below the church could be another way in but I'd rather not tread
where the dead sleep.

T2 B06 04

The meeting will most likely take place in some sort of conference hall. Heh,
there's no guarantee that I'll even be able to get inside but all I need to do
is get close enough to listen at the door. I'd better pull this off quickly and
find a new hideout before the bulldogs get my scent. This situation does have one
advantage, things can't get any worse. Who could hire someone like the sheriff
to kill me?

T2 B06 05