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Sings we
a dances of wolfs,
who smells fear
and slays the coward.

Sings we
a dances of mans,
who smells gold
and slays his brother.

-- Pagan saying

Seems like the consequences of my occupation have finally caught up with me. I
went to the Crippled Burrick Pub to meet Sammy about unloading some merchandise.

T2 B05 01

The smell of ale and smoke from the place wasn't enough to cover up the stench
of an ambush. A couple of Watch officers were there waiting for me.

T2 B05 02

Judging by the look on Sammy's face, I'd say he sold me out.

T2 B05 03

They didn't seem interested in bringing me in either. The bluecoats were looking
for swift justice. Fortunately, I always have an ace up my sleeve.

T2 B05 04

I'd better get back to my place fast and try to figure out what to do next. I just
have to get past these guys, and the rest of the city's finest out on patrol.

T2 B05 05