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Strike hot iron
and call forth sparks

strike a man
and call forth fury

to shape man or metal
to thy will
thou must strike
with force

-- Collected sermons of Karras

Last night an unusual opportunity knocked on my door.

T2 B04 01

Naturally, I was a little suspicious, but my visitor said the job was too
sensitive to go through the usual channels.

T2 B04 02

He claimed that an old contact of mine told him where to find me.
I was about to ask him who our mutual friend was, when he managed to, distract me.

T2 B04 03

The job is to break in the Shoalsgate station, headquarters of the City Watch, and
quietly frame a certain Lt. Hagen for robbing the Evidence Vault.

T2 B04 04

Hagen is Sheriff Truart's number two man and has no doubt made life difficult
for someone he shouldn't have.

T2 B04 05

My unusually resourceful employer has given me all the information I need to
pull this off, including a very detailed map of the building. All I have to do is
choose a way in, plan my route and get back out, without alerting the bulls.

T2 B04 06

I realize that breaking into Shoalsgate is like looking down a Burrick's mouth with
a lit match, but it would pay me enough to lay low for a while. And it doesn't hurt
to be giving the police some dirty laundry to deal with either. Besides, with my
luck if I don't take this job I could end up in there anyway.

T2 B04 07