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Running InterferenceEdit

Reliance upon others
is weakness
for the strong,
but strength
for the weak.

Wisdom and balance
lie in knowing
your own nature
over time.

-- Chronicle of the Metal Age

I've always equated "feelings" with "getting caught", they both get in the way
of my money. Unfortunately not everyone is as committed to their work as I am.
An old associate of mine, Basso the Boxman, wants to marry Lady Rumford's
chambermaid, Jenivere, and live happily ever after. Guess prison life spoiled
his taste for thievery.

T2 B01 01

Too bad for Basso that Lady Rumford has other plans, marriage would void
Jenivere's indentured service contract, so Rumford is keeping her confined in
the estate with the rest of her worldly possessions.

T2 B01 02

Basso has asked for my assistance on getting her out, since infiltration is my
specialty. I make it a policy never to take a job so sentimental, but the
Rumford manor could be a lucrative opportunity for a man like me. It would also
mean that Basso would owe me a favour. And in this line of work, you can never
have too many of those.

T2 B01 03

I'll sneak in after dark, and clear a path for Basso, so he can rescue his
damsel in distress. Along the way I'll pick up a few souvenirs for the
local pawn shops. That should make all this aggravation worthwhile. Otherwise,
I'll make Basso wish he was still rotting in Cragscleft. Huh, this proves
it, going legit is more trouble than it's worth.

T2 B01 05 T2 B01 04