Steampunk is an intersection of technology where the future meets the past, Victorian era inventions clash with dark alternate realities, inventions that are a blend of the modern and anachronistic. A steampunk gameworld consists of old steam-powered technology combined with new electrical devices and machinery, bringing industrial-age technology into the dark age, and skipping the renaissance period.


The Thief series has seen many useful and strategically designed steampunk gadgets.

  • Flash Bomb - a temporarily blinding explosive, thrown like a grenade and explodes upon impact.
  • Gas Bomb - a somnolent explosive, thrown like a grenade and explodes upon impact.
  • Explosive Mine - a powerful landmine, flashes red when activated (TDS only) and detonates when stepped upon.
  • Flash Mine - a temporarily blinding landmine, explodes when stepped upon.
  • Gas Mine - a powerful landmine, releases somnolent fumes when stepped upon.
  • Explosive Charge - a powerful high explosive that heavily damages destructable game elements.

The Steampunk world as seen in the Thief games, merges elements with the magical world.