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St. Edgar's Church is a cathedral built and used by the Hammerites. It is the largest Hammerite church, dedicated to a Hammerite hero, St. Edgar. Located in the Stonemarket, within the City, it is surrounded by tall stone walls, the only entrance being the two wooden front gates accessible from the East. The cathedral is explored in Thief: Deadly Shadows, as Garrett is asked by the Keepers to steal the Builder's Chalice.

TDS stedgars outdoor

Main entrance

TDS stedgars compound


TDS stedgars out

The cathedral as seen from the courtyard


The priests conduct the church services, in the main hall which has 8 benches, organized into two columns. Many small prayer rooms exist all over the cathedral, complete with holy statues, benches and a podium.

Hammer intro 06

Priests conducting a holy ritual

TDS stedgars hall front

The structure of the main hall

TDS stedgars hall high

The main hall with seating visible

TDS stedgars hall low

The main hall as seen from ground-level

The cathedral holds the crypt of a long-ago Hammerite hero St. Edgar. A particular day of every year is a special holy day, reserved in his honor, during which the Hammerite priests conduct an all-night service.


Residing within its living quarters are guards armed with Hammers, and priests with magical powers.

The ChaliceEdit

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The most sacred object stored within the cathedral is the Builder's Chalice "relic", actually an ancient artifact created by the Ancient Keepers. It is only brought into the service hall for special events and ceremonies. Otherwise kept in a caged cell within the factory high above reach, only accessible using the sophisticated machinery that protects it.


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The cathedral complex also includes a Forge, called the Hammer Factory, used by the resident Hammerites to construct blessed Hammers and other tools. The factory also includes the machinery to unlock the Builder's Chalice, also stored within its premises.

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