The Creature in Action

This flying undead creature is the unused predecessor of the Apparition. It has no legs; only a wide trailing gown. To attack, it rises into the air and waves its arms above its head, launching some type of ghostly projectile at its target. It can fly rapidly straight up and has no perceptible height constraint, but will freeze in place if it gets too far from the player

The creature was left out of the Thief games. It can still be created in DromEd, however, by the following method:

  • change the Model Name of an ordinary Apparition to "wedge" (this is necessary to prevent crashes).
  • change the Creature Type from "Humanoid" to "Apparition."
  • change the Model Name again, this time to "expapp2."

It functions best with the physics attributes of an elemental and a very high turn rate (about 10 000).

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