Important: The following screenshots are from the game Thief Gold and are done using Thief Enhancement Pack, so they may look somewhat different from the way your game appears.

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Description: A note from the director of music to the cook

Location: on the wall of the kitchen

The Opera House, Basement

M17cook location


Remember to serve the ballerinas only a 

light supper the night of a performance, 

lest we have a repeat of little Catherine's 

unwelcome addition to Thursday night's show. 

Consider this your first and only warning.

-Mr. Cribs, Director of Music


Description: A letter from the director of music Cribs to Lady Valerius

Location: on a table, in Lady Valerius's office

The Opera House, third floor

M17FKEY location

My most enchanting Lady V - 

I will cherish the flute always. Its outward 

beauty is matched only by its glorious tone. 

I must endeavor to keep it safe. However I 

will be somewhat indisposed at home until this 

confounded furuncle heals. I hope I do not 

impose too much upon you - but will you 

look after this key to my wall safe 

while I recover? The flute is there, 

of course. I hope to return to my duties as 

music director before the new moon. 

Your friend and colleague - 

Ian Cribs


Description: A letter for Lady Valerius to Mr. Cribs

Location: on a table, in a north side practice room

The Opera House, second floor

M17flut location

Mr. Cribs, Ian, Dearest - 

These are great times for thinkers such 

as ourselves. I am certain that the secrets 

of the artifact will soon be mine. With its 

powers, and the power unleashed by your music, 

I am more and more convinced that our day is near. 

Please accept this flute as a token of my 

continued appreciation. Appreciation for our 

special friendship, and for your tireless 

dedication to the opera. 

Yours always - Lady Valerius


Description: An admiration letter form a certain Lord B. to one of the performing girls

Location: on a stone shelf in one of the south rooms

The Opera House, first floor

M17GIFT location

Carmella - 

A stellar performance as usual. 

I write in hopes that you will consent to a stroll 

this evening on the 2nd floor promenade. 

I promise I will not arrive empty handed. 

Please do not refuse me, I will wait all night 

if need be. A short stroll and some pleasant 

conversation is all I ask, and in return 

I have for you a most special gift - 

one fit for a queen. 

Awaiting you on the promenade, 

I remain, 

Your most ardent admirer, 

Lord B.


Description: Giry's diary

Location: near Giry's dead body

The Caverns ("Beware Brethren!")

M17GIRY location

More spiders arrived today. 

That makes twelve this week. 

I have no time to puzzle 

over this strange migration. 

I must pack up my belongings 

and move elsewhere on the morrow. - Giry


Description: A notice from Lady Valerius to all the security personnel at the Opera


  • on the wall, next to the basement stairs leading to the ticket office
The Opera House, basement

M17GUARD location1

  • on the wall, in the décor hall, behind the main scene
The Opera House, first floor

M17GUARD location2

  • on the wall, in the guard station
The Opera House, first floor

M17GUARD location3

Captain Colliard and men of the Opera Guard - 

Two guards will at all times, day and night, 

be posted outside my office suite. 

In case of trouble or commotion of any kind 

in the opera house, then send two more 

to stand guard directly inside the suite. 

The artifact must be protected. 

I will tolerate no lapses in security. 

-L. Valerius


Description: The script of the upcoming play by Mr. Cribs

Location: on a table in the library (the red book on the left, the book on the right is unusable)

The Opera House, third floor

M17LIBR location


or The Tragical Tale of Forbidden Devotion 

Betwixt Our Hero Reginald, Hammerite Novice, 

and the Sprightly Conandra, Forest Denizen and 

Ruler of all Trees. 

Libretto and Music by Ian Cribs. 

ACT 1: The Forest Edge. 

REGINALD has been sent to cut 

wood. He sings: 

'I am but a simple novice,

sent here to bring 

wood from forest,

happy is this sunny day,

if only it could stay 

this way.' 

CONANDRA, singing from afar:

'Ahh glorious sun! 

Send your rays upon us! 

But wait - who is this I spy? 

Who dares fell wood from my 

domain?! He will learn the 

folly of his ways!!' 

Conandra lands a blow 

upon Reginald's head.

Reginald sings: 

'Ahh! Pound me not foul forest thing!' 

He raises his axe 

in a defensive stance. 

Reginald sees Conandra for 

the first time, he sings: 

'Did I say foul forest thing? 

For thou art beautiful as 

a butterfly's wing!' 

Conandra, her eyes 

meeting Reginald's, sings: 

'Didst I land a blow upon your head? 

For I would rather take 

my own life instead!' 

They embrace. 

They exit stage left. 

The forest creatures sing: 

'Na, na, na, la, la, la, etc.' 

End ACT 1


Description: A message from Lady Valerius to the man in charge of the party sent to deal with the spider problems

Location: in the chamber where the Water Talisman should be kept

The Caverns, The Keeper's Shrine

M17pbll location

To Captain Colliard, from Lady Valerius- 

I have received word of the 

shrine and treasure room you have 

found during your mission to 

eradicate our little spider problem. 

I look forward to receiving 

whatever bounty lies there, and 

will not tolerate any more excuses 

about mysterious traps or other 


Success - Lady V.


Description: A poor Keeper's last notes

Location: near the bones of a Keeper

The Caverns ("4 men lost")

M17PKEEP location

I fear to go on. The rest of the 

expedition have gone on ahead, and I was 

to follow directly. But when the last of them 

disappeared beneath the surface of the water, 

all my strength and courage disappeared with 

them. When they see that I do not follow, 

they will surely send someone back for me. 

I need only wait a moment more, 

or perhaps at most an hour.

Dark thoughts haunt me. 

What is time in a place that sees 

no sun or moon? What good are tears 

in a place that is all water? 

I must rest now. 

Oh to have a spot dry enough 

to recline upon comfortably!


Description: Another message from Lady Valerius to Colliard

Location: on the side of the channel, in a sewer beneath the Opera's basement, The Caverns ("Unknown→")

M17SPID location

Mr. Colliard: It is not enough 

to kill the spiders brazen enough to 

enter the basement; you must tell your 

men to descend into the sewers and below. 

They must kill every spider they see. 

They must search until no more spiders 

are found. It does not concern me if men 

are lost, or if they are afraid to 'venture 

past the sewers into the tunnels beyond.' 

If your men cannot complete this simple task, 

I will find men more suitable to the work. 

And are you so sure you can get other work, 

without a recommendation from the Opera? 

I think not. Report to me on the morrow 

regarding your progress. 

L. Valerius


Description: Raoul's secret diary

Location: on a table in a secret room

The Opera House, second floor

M17SUNRM location

I am beginning to suspect that I do not have revenge in my 

blood. For if I did, I would go now and steal from Lady Valerius 

all the contents of her office suite. She doesn't know about the 

secret passageway that leads there from the 2nd floor rotunda. She 

doesn't know about the key that works the lock. When she took 

over here and dismissed my whole staff, all knowledge of the 

secret passages and rooms left with us. I return here now and 

then to obtain provisions, always with the thought of exacting 

some revenge - but I fear I carry with me a terrible flaw - I 

do not have revenge in my blood. 



Description: A warning the Keepers have written to those who dare enter the shrine

Location: in the chamber where the Water Talisman should be kept

The Caverns, The Keeper's Shrine

M17WARN location