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Shoalsgate Station was the police headquarters within The City in the district of Shoalsgate. It had all the necessities of a sophisticated police station, but still had medieval holding cells and interrogation methods. The station was very well guarded, especially from the outside. It contained a lot of offices but also living quarters, training rooms and an Armory. Most notable was the large part of open space surrounding the building. The station also had a lot of secret passages which can be used to move around undetected.[1]

Sheriff Gorman Truart introduced a lot of new innovations to the station, such as Guard Turrets and Watchers connected to the alarm system. All of these innovations where installed by the Mechanists during the time of the Metal Age.[2]

First FloorEdit

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To the North were the Mess Hall with a dumb waiter, a Supply Closet, a Target Range (which had three targets at different distances, one being the secret button to the Armory), and an Armory.

North EastEdit

The North East had the Line-up, a staircase to the basement, a Guard Post and the staircase to the Records Hall.


The East end contained the Main Office with cubicles.

South EastEdit

The South East had a storage room, a Locker Room, Officers Barracks and a Lounge.


The South had one of the main gates, with guard posts, a storage room that contains two Explosive Barrels and a toilet room.

South WestEdit

The South West had a Training Room, which had four target dummies, unique round windows and a large clock, the Front Desk with one of the main gates, and a staircase to the Second Floor. The Front Desk had control over the alarm system and main gates.[3]

North WestEdit

The North West had two conference rooms, a staircase to the Maintenance Area (down), and a staircase to the Second Floor.


In the Middle of Shoalsgate Station was a courtyard with trees, street lamps and a well. A balcony gives access to the Second Floor.

Second FloorEdit

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The Second Floor was more fancier than the other floors. The Sheriff and his lieutenants had their own, quite large offices on this floor. They shared the same floor with Robbery/Homicide, Vice, Narcotics, and Warden Affairs. Along the main corridor was the staircase to the evidence storage, an officers lounge, and a waiting room next to the staircase. Isolated from the rest of the second floor was also the Records Hall with a Secure Records room. To reach the Second Floor by stairs it was required to pass through the guard posts that where usually guarded and had alarm buttons.

Third FloorEdit

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The Third Floor was used for evidence storage. The area consisted of large library’s, two storage rooms and the vault room. The vault was used to store evidence and valuable items. The vault was heavily guarded with iron pick-proof doors, controlled by a combination lock,[4] and Mechanist turrets. To gain access it was necessary to open the vault anteroom with a key, enter a secret code and use the Secure Records/Vault key.[5]


T2 M4 map PAGE004

The basement consisted of two areas connected by a secret underground tunnel. On the west side was a maintenance area where Brother Artus overlooked the mechanical devices. On the east side where crude Holding Cells containing criminals and various pagans, as well as a non-hostile Insect Swarm, some Rats, and a non-hostile ghostly Haunt. Also in this region were one solitary confinement cell, and an inaccessible draconian Interrogation Room. At the northeast extremity was the Laboratory with rare gas burners, and a Morgue. The tunnels themselves ran through the underground pool chamber of a nearby well.


Shoalsgate Station was surrounded by a garden, an outside wall and a small moat. There were two gates, one south and one southwest, that gave access to the streets. Both were heavily guarded by a watcher and guard turrets. To the south of this complex were a power station and a pub.


  • Map inconsistency: according to the map the balcony is at the north of the officer’s lounge while in reality it’s on the east.
  • There is a rather large area just southwest off the Mess Hall that the programmers didn’t give a function to.
  • The plaque on Lt Mosley’s office spells here name as ‘Mosely’ while all the other documents spell here name as ‘Mosley’.[6]
  • Some of the electrical lights in the station seem to be flickering.


Shoalsgate Station had an underground, accessed by a secret entrance. In fact, the whole station had many secret tunnels. Garrett was fortunate to have access to them, otherwise the frame would not have stuck if he was caught.


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