The Sealed Section was a portion of the Old Quarter which was sealed around 50 years before the events of the The Dark Project, due to an incident which involved the revival of the dead en masse, better known as the Catastrophe. A wall was built around the section to contain the outbreak, and the area was subsequently abandoned.

The Old Hammer Cathedral was located in this section, and was in fact the source of the outbreak. [1]

The City, 50 Years EarlierEdit

During Garrett's time, Old Quarter's sealed section gave a good example of what The City had been like in the near past. The sealed section had been deserted around 50 years before Thief: The Dark Project, and most the buildings inside had been left standing since that time. Writings from that period also showed that things haven't changed a great deal in 50 years. In general, technology was still important and widely used, though to a somewhat lesser extent. The street lights were controlled by power grid control boxes, situated in such a manner that all the streets could be properly lighted and controlled. There was also a sewage system and The City Council had appointed a Department of Public Works to take care of sewage and electricity. The City was ruled by a Baron at that time as well. The factions that were present in this area were the Keepers and the Order of the Hammer. Crime was not as organized back then, but professional thieves were available for hire.

The City, NowEdit

The Sealed Section was still relatively intact when Garrett visited. Some buildings had collapsed or had been gutted, but the municipal power (even lamp posts that had been knocked over), sewage and machinery were still operational. Everything else was worn down, however. Moss covered the buildings and leaves cover the street. Some of the stone or cobblestone streets had given way to dirt. All of the wood was succumbing to rot.

Craymen and Burricks have been tunneling and living in the sewer system. Remaining zombies often engage Burricks in the street.

The Keeper's Chapel is virtually untouched, and the traps are set and still fully functional.

The IncidentEdit

TG B07 02

Raging zombie hordes

I've heard stories of the incident, most are wild rumors about hordes of zombies and raging fires. Now that part of the city is walled off, no one's allowed to go in. Not that many people would dare to in the first place...
  — Garrett, about The Cataclysm

The reason for the abandonment of the areas behind The Barricades was a catastrophe that was dated around 50 years before Garrett's time. The old tales described it as hordes of Zombies and raging fires. The origin of the undead scourge is unknown, but it is known that it originated from the Old Hammer Cathedral. In the letter to Keeper Lukas from Keeper Andrus, it is implied that the Trickster may have had something to do with the cataclysm.[2] The Hammers were unable to handle the plague and fell down only to rise up as Undead themselves.

The Keepers were the ones that found a solution and saved The City from peril. They used ancient Elemental Wards to seal the doors of the cathedral and stop the ever-coming waves of undead. These wards were locked with special talisman keys which were then hidden in different locations by the Keepers. The main horde of undead was stopped, but there were still raging zombies outside the Cathedral. Because of this, the City Council made the decision to build a large stone wall around the cathedral area to further protect the people. The City Watch was assigned the task of pushing the undead back so the wall could be built. The council member Lord Whitsimmon was put in charge of supervising the building process. Though there were workers lost to the undead, the wall was finished and the catastrophe was kept at bay.


Market Street

The old Market Street

Known LocationsEdit

Known StreetsEdit


The Sealed Section is the widely known area, where one can find various species of undead and wildlife.

When he visited the sealed section, Garrett encountered the following creatures:


As the sealed section was hastily abandoned, many treasures and some important artifacts were left to sit in the sealed section. While visiting the sealed section during The Dark Project events, Garrett found the following artifacts:


In Garrett's time, maps of the sealed section were still easy to come by, but most of them were not very detailed. This is the map Garrett used when he entered the sealed section:

TG M7 map PAGE001

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