Rust Mite
TDS beetle ingame
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Primary Attack

  • immune to normal attack
  • explodes when killed
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A rendered TDS model with a fan-made enhanced texture

Rust Mites are magical Golden Beetles that first appear in Thief: Deadly Shadows. Since they're enchanted, they can only be killed using Broadhead Arrows after acquiring the Hammer Blessing from the Hammerites.

Tactical informationEdit

It takes exactly one Broadhead Arrow to destroy a mite. Be careful who is nearby, as the mite will explode with a large noise, causing nearby civilians and guards to be alerted and come looking for intruders.

As the rust mite is sturdy and normally invulnerable, objects can be broken over it without doing any harm. This can be useful in some locations as bursting crates and barrels produce loud distracting noise and explosive barrels can be easily detonated in narrow back-alleys to deter pursuers; in Stonemarket Proper for instance.

Where to find themEdit

Passing civilians might comment on the "mites infestation". Rust Mites often patrol areas near Pagan Cornerstones.

Rust Mite Locations, within Thief: Deadly Shadows:

  • South Quarter, near the Stonemarket gate.
  • South Quarter, due southeast of the fountain.
  • South Quarter, near Pavelock Prison and the Docks gate.
  • Stonemarket Plaza, in Terces Courtyard, up the long flight of stairs that seem to go nowhere.
  • Stonemarket Plaza, in the center of the area, in front of a Door Glyph.
  • Stonemarket Proper, near Marla's store.
  • Docks, near Dahlia's place.
  • Docks, near the rowboat in the south end.
  • Docks, on top of a ladder near the Tavern in the southwest corner.
  • Old Quarter, just east of the Keeper Compound.
  • Old Quarter, just north of the Docks gate.
  • Fort Ironwood, in the graveyard, on top of the east wall.
  • Auldale, in the Pump Station.
  • Auldale, in the secret tunnel leading to the Museum.
  • Auldale, near some boxes in the southwest corner.

Side QuestEdit

Hammer Reward

Healing Pipe

For every mite he kills, Garrett's faction status with the Hammerites improves, causing them to ignore or even protect him. If Garrett kills all 15 mites, a curvy pipe will appear in Garrett's Apartment, hanging from the ceiling over the raised section of planks, as well as a message from Brother Wimble, describing the apparatus.[1] This acts exactly like a Healing Font and does not obstruct the Pagans' reward.


Despite their appearance of enormous stag beetles, these creatures are inspired by tiny arachnids of the Gall Mite family that feed on plant leaves, causing discolouration similar to that of fungal rust.[2]


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