Brother Roland, also known by the rank and name 'Chief Worker Roland' was a member of the Hammerite order.

He was in charge of the Stamping machine in St. Edgar's Church.[1]

Brother Thorgrim wrote him a letter saying how happy he was that Roland and Height Priest Greidus had secure the Builder's Chalice in the factory and he had followed Roland's order to destroy the Stamped gear that allowed access to it.[2] He then goes on to tell Roland what he would probably know in how the Chalice could be released.

Roland himself wrote a letter to High Priest Greidus talking about how Brother Reginald did not pause to offer a prayer to the statue of Saint Edgar and he should be punished, while also wondering should the small effigy that Lady Warwick gave them also need a prayer and if the Value makes up for it's size.[3] He decided to keep the statue near his bed until he heard back on the issue.


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