Important: The following screenshots are from the game Thief Gold and are done using Thief Enhancement Pack, so they may look somewhat different from the way your game appears.

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Description: Someone's old diary

Location: on a table, in the room with the two "sleeping" zombies

St. Yora's

M11ALCH location

The priests shall no longer doubt their decision to give me allowance to 

convert the unused storage room in the winter tunnels into an alchemy laboratory. 

This day my research hath yielded much, as I have created a most useful explosive 

device. It is my belief that in times of war we will be able to use such explosives 

to force open the gates of the strongholds of our foes. The device is quite 

dangerous, so I have stored it in the armory in the cathedral attic.


Description: Someone's old diary

Location: on the ground, next to the front (elemental) doors

The Cathedral, first floor

M11BCKGD location

Though these be perhaps the final moments of our beloved cathedral 

and mine mortal life, I shall faithfully chronicle to the end. A great evil 

magic hath befallen us, and we battle with demon-kind on all sides. Our own fallen 

brethren rise from death and turn on us, cold light aflame in their eyes. Our mighty 

doors availed us naught, for the assault was from within. Soon I shall be found and 

slain, like the others. May The Builder save our souls.


Description: An old Hammer note

Location: on the ground, behind a chair, in the room just east of the eye

The Cathedral, second floor

M11CGATE loaction

When attending public services, some members of the 

congregation hath made entry through the cloister gate. The proper 

way for the public to access the grounds is through the cathedral 

gate. Access to the city via the cloister gate doth exist for the 

convenience of members of the Order only.


Description: The sign of the Cloister Area

Location: near the broken stairs

Cloister Area

M11CLSTR location1



Description: An old Hammer note

Location: on a table

The Cathedral, second floor

M11ELEV location

I mislike the wisdom that so many of the mechanical systems 

in the compound doth rely upon the proper functioning of the machine 

room in the cathedral cellar. Our enemies might attempt sabotage, 

turning our short sight 'gainst us. Let us set about re-engineering 

such that each mechanical system is powered by more local equipment.


Description: the explosive charge's instructions

Location: in the armory

The Cathedral, third floor

M11EXPLO location

Beware! This object is a powerful explosive device! Only authorized 

demolitions personnel should employ it. Place close to the target gate or 

portcullis. Trigger the device with fire. Take adequate cover before detonating. 

Note: the explosion is not of sufficient power to destroy walls; be sure to target 

gates and other weak structures.


Description: An old Hammer note

Location: on the ground, east side

The Cathedral, first floor

M11EYE location

Brother Gerard, 

 The behavior we hath 

repeatedly seen exhibited is truly most 

troublesome. The Eye hath been moved once 

again to the vault in the cellar. This eve, 

please you post two sentinels to guard 

it. Thus we shall determine how it is 

that we find it floating o'er the high altar each morn.


Description: An old Hammer note

Location: on a table

St. Vale's

M11HSYMB location


 Thou art a naive novice at times. The craftsmanship 

of the holy symbol thou hast created is not flawed. Thy problem is 

that a mere initiate such as thyself cannot perform the blessing that 

implores the Builder to transform thy symbol from simple metal into 

a holy artifact. I wouldst suggest thou ask one of the priests to 

bless thy holy symbol for you, or it will be of no use. If thou'rt 

embarassed, thou couldst visit the observatory at the top of the 

tower in St. Jenel's and talk to Brother Renault. He knows of 

another way to instill holy symbols with the Builder's blessing.


Description: The sign of St. Jenel's quarter

Location: near the door to St. Jenel's

Cloister Area

M11JEN location

St. Jenel's


Description: Brother Martello's tombstone

Location: over Brother Martello's grave

The Cemetery

M11MAGRV location

Here Lies Brother Martello


Description: Brother Murus's tombstone

Location: over Brother Murus's grave

The Cemetery

M11MUGRV location

Here Lies Brother Murus


Description: Instructions on how to make hammer symbols with the smelting cauldron

Location: on the wall, near the molds

St. Tennor's

M11MULTM location

Step one - Position one of the molds on the 4 pegs in front of 

the smelting cauldron.

Step two - Push the left lever back to close the mold.

Step three - Pull the right lever forward to tip the cauldron. When the 

gauge on the wall indicates that the mold is full, tip the cauldron back up 

by pushing the right lever back.

Step four - Pull the left lever forward to open the mold. Remove the newly 

manufactured item. Builder Be Praised!


Description: Someone's old diary

Location: on the ground, behind a long bench, near the door going to the Garden

The Cathedral, first floor

M11MURS1 location

A novice passing the cemetery yestereve said he saw a strange glowing figure 

walking therein, but upon investigating found that the apparition had vanished. Those 

who heard his story laughed and blamed his vision on an excess of ale, but I am not so 

quick to dismiss it. I remember the burial of our beloved Brother Murus last week and 

the feeling that something was wrong. I shan't relate the story to Brother Martello, 

since he was much attached to Brother Murus, and mourns his loss still.


Description: Someone's old diary

Location: on the ground, near a bunk bed

St. Yora's

M11MURS2 location

I am wracked with the agony of guilt. The Master Builder cannot spare the 

cursed coward that I have become. If only I could bring myself to confess what I 

know about the death of Brother Murus. His soul will never rest unless we perform 

the Ritual of Consecration upon his grave. But the priests will surely ask why 

such a thing need be done, and I am too weak a Builder's servant to face their wrath.


Description: Brother Renault's notes

Location: in the observatory

St. Jenel's

M11OBSRV location

The Master Builder doth surely gaze favorably upon our 

crusade to subjugate the wild forces of nature with tools built in His 

name. Here in this tower, with these optic machines, I have learned 

much about the movements of the lights the Builder hast set above. 

The divine power of the moon and stars hath been focused into a pool 

of water, which I name the Lunar Pool. I hadst hoped the water would 

show the same properties as holy water, but it doth not. However, it 

must hold the Builder's grace, for it doth bestow the Builder's 

blessing upon holy symbols immersed in the pool. I shall investigate 

this further, drawing forth knowledge for the glory of the Builder. 

-Brother Renault


Description: The sign of the Lunar Pool

Location: in the observatory

St. Jenel's

M11POOL loccation

Lunar Pool


Description: The Prayer of Consecration

Location: on the high wooden platform

St. Vale's

M11PRAYR location

The Prayer of Consecration

O Master Builder! We ask Thee to bless our brother who hath died in Thy 

service. Forgive him the transgressions of his living days, and look with favor on 

his works in Thy name.

Plumb and plane, fire and forge, purify his spirit and draw 

from him all which does not meet Thy plan. Take him to serve with Thee in Thy Home 

where he may rest in peace eternal.


Description: Brother Renault's tombstone

Location: over Brother Renault's grave

The Cemetery

M11RGRV location

Here Lies Brother Renault


Description: The sign of St. Tennor's quarter

Location: over the door to St. Tennor's

Cloister Area

M11TEN location

St. Tennor's


Description: A tip about the Cathedral

Location: Unused! It does not appear in the game. It was originally intended either as a part of the starting inventory, or to be purchased at the store.

The cathedral had numerous mechanical systems. Who knows what

state of disrepair they are in now. I can't count on anything working

for me.


Description: A tip regarding the fountain in the north east room, on the first floor, in the Cathedral building, which heals 4 points of health when used. It is on a recharge basis.

Location: Unused! It does not appear in the game. It was originally intended either as a part of the starting inventory, or to be purchased at the store.

The cathedral was known for having a fountain with healing 

properties. If things get sticky, that could be of use.


Description: The sign of St. Vale's quarter

Location: near the door to St. Vale's

Cloister Area

M11VALE location

St. Vale's


Description: The sign of St. Yora's quarter


  • near the door to St. Yora's
The Garden

M11YORA location

  • near the door to St. Yora
Cloister Area

M11YORA location2

St. Yora's