Rare Spice
DromEd Object Model spiceb
Special Loot
in various places, mostly hidden
Original Owner

For real edible spice, see Spice.

Spice smuggled in by Captain Davidson is valuable on the black market,[1] especially during the Metal Age when the Mechanists' pollution is killing off the plant life, and the citizens can no longer grow their own.[2] Osterlind had difficulty with the smuggling at the docks since the Mechanists took over the building.[3]

Most Common Value: 20 Goods

Loot Type: Goods

Model Name: spiceb, overrides spice (-3319) at a scale of 1.00

Trivia Edit

The rare spice is meant to be a narcotic. Besides the implicit hints throughout the mission, in DromEd, there is a spice counter that counts how many bags have been acquired by the player and is called "420 counter". For those who don't know, "420" is a reference to drug culture, specifically referencing cannabis.

This use of the term "spice" may be a reference to melange; a fictional narcotic central to the plot of Dune.


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