The prison.

Pavelock Prison, also known as City Watch Precinct 12, is one of The City's prisons, situated in South Quarter. It is the only prison Garrett ever gets imprisoned in.

Garrett's ImprisonmentEdit

TDS garrettcell

Garrett's dank cell, with Warden Stout in the background, and the only available weapon or tool, the Light Gem.

In Thief: Deadly Shadows, when/if Garrett is first "killed" in the presence of the City Watch, he is brought to a cell in Pavelock.

Under the command of Warden Stout, Garrett is in imprisonment solely so he can be publicly executed. Garrett's weapons are locked up in the Confiscation Depository, and can be retrieved later in the level.


Break out of the cellEdit

Warden Stout will come and taunt Garrett. Wait for him to leave then wait for the Guard to come up to the cell. When he turns around, grab the Keys off of his belt. Wait for him to go away, then, open the cell door.

Get Garrett's equipment backEdit

Head South. Sneak up behind the sitting Guard and steal the Key off him. This is the Key to the caged storage area where Garrett's equipment is. Sneak up to the cage door and open it. Grab the bag, and any other loot inside.

Escape from the prisonEdit

Exit out of the Confiscation Depository (the caged area) and sneak up on the Guard and knock him out with the Blackjack.

Enter the tunnel to the West. Follow it to the T-intersection and go left. Backtrack to the main hallway where the cell is. Avoid the Guard and take him out. Head up the stairs and pick the lock on the door. Take out the Guard. Go up the stairs and pick the next locked door.

Go through when the Guard is not near, then sneak up on him and bop him. Cross the room and pick the lock on the next door. In this room is Warden Stout near the front gate and a two patrolling Guards, one on each side. Take out the Guard on the right by sneaking up on him, take out the Warden, then take out the final Guard.

Face the gate. To the left, there is a lever which will open the gate. Pull it. Go through, up the stairs, then up the metal stairs. At the top of the metal stairs, face West, crouch and go into the tunnel. It leads to a ladder out to South Quarter.

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