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Pagan Sanctuary

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Pagan Tunnels


This is a huge base of operations for the Pagans, established uncannily close to Stonemarket in a forgotten sector of South Quarter. Once settled, the Pagans used powerful spells to manipulate local residents and expanded their territory by systematically invading homes and gardens.[1] By the time Garrett arrives, the sanctuary already encompasses rows of gutted buildings and part of the underlying sewers.


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Mine Outpost


The abandoned mine tunnels beneath the South Quarter well serve as the Pagans’ outpost and first line of defense. There are two front entrances opening onto a modest campground, and a passage leading into the sewers beyond. When Garrett arrives, the outer reaches are inhabited by a small party of two or three bandit miners.


This small isolated section of the municipal sewers surrounds the sanctuary’s only known point of entry. Although mostly unchanged by the Pagan presence, it is host to a Tree Beast and other unusual plants.

Cobbletons’ HouseEdit

Now little more than crumbling walls and collapsed floorboards, this building had once been the home of Walter and Harriet Cobbleton. The Cobbletons disappeared shortly after giving Pagans the run of their garden, and are presumed dead.[2] The Pagans use what remains of the house as one of their many open-air campgrounds. A manhole in the floor connects this region to the underlying sewer.


Despite its ancient appearance, the Hammerite factory in the south-east was probably abandoned recently; the machinery is uncorroded and still has a supply of steam pressure. Explosives and colossal gears are strewn about the area, making it a veritable death trap, and the entire construct seems resistant to all manner of plant life.[3] Nevertheless, the Pagans use the ground floor for combat training exercises.

Sleeping QuartersEdit

A small offshoot from the structure to the north-east, beyond the canal. The one-room apartment is the only area with working locks in the entire mission. Inside are number of crude beds and a burning campfire. A wisp circles the room and sometimes kills the Pagan on watch. Two mysteriously large deer skulls are propped outside the doorway.

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Ruined Ground Floor


This is a long multilevel building in the north-west. Woodbine has her quarters in the south end, in an offshoot that may have served as the vintner’s home. A winding stairwell in the northern extremity leads to the cellar; a perpetually damp cavern stocked with rows of wine laden shelves.

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The Givering Altar

Taproot CaveEdit

Branching from the far end of the wine cellar is a circular chamber held within the massive roots of The Heartoak. At the foot of its descending central root is a wide stone altar used to receive the gifts of water, moss, and blood as part of the ritual of the root.[4]


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