Orincross Dagger
Special Loot
150, but see Side Quest
chest in bedroom of Cothron's Armory
Original Owner

This is a unique Golden Dagger that can be found in TDS. It differs from its unnamed counterparts in that it is sometimes, but not always loot, depending on the order of events.

Side QuestEdit

Brent, a merchant and resident of Stonemarket Plaza, is interested in acquiring the dagger and has hired a petty thief, pretending to be Garrett, to steal it from Cothron's Armory where it is currently being cleaned and sharpened.[1] It was supposed to be placed in the donation box outside St. Edgar's Church, but the would-be burglar fails to locate it.[2]

Contrary to Brent's statement, the dagger is not kept in the basement safe, but in a locked chest at the foot of Cothron's bed.[3] As an added difficulty, Cothron himself is in the room.

If Garrett raids the armory without first hearing about the plan, the dagger will be a loot item worth 150g. Otherwise, it becomes a special item which can be exchanged for three gold coin stacks, daily (up to 2025g).


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