Song of the Caverns
Designed by
Terri Brosius
Official Mission
(11th mission in Thief Gold)
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The curtains went down on this guy a long time ago, but he's the best lead I have.

Song of the Caverns is the eleventh mission in Thief Gold and the third and final mission exclusive to that game. Garrett enters a secret cavern in search of the Talisman of Water, but soon learns that it has been discovered and removed by the owner of a local Opera House.


Garrett decides next to collect the Talisman of Water which the Keepers have stashed in a series of hidden caverns located deep below The City. According to their map, he should find it in a shrine located in the lowest cavern. He doesn't expect there to be anything too threatening other than a few venomous spiders. The section of the map marking the talisman states, "Stand not against us, lest you feel the sting of ignorance's barbs," which Garrett interprets as meaning the Keepers have filled the cave with traps.

Garrett seeks to enlist the aid of Giry, an old informant of Garrett's, made a home for himself in these caverns after he lost his job tending the ticket counter of a nearby Opera House. Upon entering the caverns, however, Garrett only finds Giry's body, wrapped in spider webs. Garrett nevertheless makes it to the resting place of the talisman, only to find that it has been removed by employees of the opera house. Nearby, Garrett encounters Raoul, the previous owner of the opera house, who, though now mentally unstable, is happy to provide Garrett with a map and key of the opera house.


  • Locate your informant Giry. He may have valuable information about the caverns for you.
  • Use the Keeper's map to find the Talisman of Water. Remember they've probably rigged the place, so be careful.
  • Escape from the caverns after you've taken the Talisman, it may not be as easy as you think.
  • Loot may be scarce down in the caverns, but an expert thief such as yourself should be able to find at least 200 worth.
  • Humans will be as scarce in the caverns as loot, so if you find your informant Giry, or any people, don't kill them. (Expert)

Later Objectives:

  • The strange Hermit's ravings are your best clue that the Talisman has been moved to the Opera House above the caverns. Find the Opera House and break in. (After Garrett meets Raoul)
  • The Opera House is filled with precious adornments and attracts the city's wealthiest patrons, so don't leave without at least:
    • 700 worth of loot. (Normal)
    • 1500 worth of loot. (Hard)
    • 2000 worth of loot. (Expert)
  • When he was alive, your informant Giry often bragged about the cash take in just a single evening at the opera house. Find out if he was telling the truth - get to the ticket office and steal the contents of the cash box.
  • You read last week that the music director at the Opera House was just presented with a silver flute. An item like that could fetch a pretty penny on the market. Find it.
  • An experienced thief shouldn't have to resort to violence, especially with an artsy set like the opera troupe. Don't kill anyone who is not armed. (Hard)
  • Littering the opera house with blood and corpses is not worthy of a master thief such as yourself. So pickpocket, rob, steal, hide, and even run if you have to, but don't kill anyone. (Expert)
  • After you get what you came for, get to the city streets outside the Opera House.


Starting GearEdit

  • 10 Broadhead Arrows
  • 6 Water Arrows
  • 3 Moss Arrows
  • 3 Rope Arrows
  • 1 Healing Potion
  • Constantine's Sword and a Blackjack
  • Lock Picks


  • 20 Broadhead Arrows
  • 10 Water Arrows
  • 4 Moss Arrows
  • 1 Fire Arrow
  • 2 Gas Arrows
  • 3 Rope Arrows
  • 2 Noisemaker Arrows
  • 2 Flash Bombs
  • 1 Mine
  • 2 Healing Potions

Characters present in the MissionEdit

Type Count Notes
Normal Hard Expert
Craymen 2 4 5
Yellow Spiders 7 7 8
Actor 6 9 9
Nobleman 7 7 7
Opera Sword Guard 24 25 28
Opera Bow Guard 8 9 10
Servant 7 8 8

Storyline CharactersEdit

Difficulty AlterationsEdit

The Craymen tunnels become less crowded on lower settings. The Opera House basement follows the same rule. Smaller changes include: one less Gas Mine in the basement on Expert, one of the guards has an extra silver key on Normal and Expert, one less Water Arrow on Expert, an extra Moss Arrow in the garden in front of the Opera House on Expert, and some modified guard paths on Hard and Expert.


Keeper's Chapel

Loot ListEdit

There is a total of 2920 loot in this mission where 1725 is in gold, 300 in gems and 895 in goods.

Keeper's Chapel



  • It's possible (but entirely unnecessary) to kill the guard in the tower at the very start of the mission. This causes the mission to fail immediately on Expert mode after the encounter with the hermit in the tunnels. This is likely due to the initial objectives specifying that no one in the tunnels should be killed. Thus, when the objectives switch to not killing anyone at all, the dead guard is counted and the mission is failed.
  • The sandbags were supposed be able to knock people out when thrown at them, but gameplay and physics issues led to this being disabled.
  • There is drunken servant sleeping on the bench at the small park near the main gate. He will not react on your presence, you can touch him, make lot of noise, but he just won't wake up.
  • Shooting the elevator with a fire arrow will move it slightly.
  • You can kill the guard at the basement, who stay near the elevator, without failing the mission on an Expert difficulty. Just shoot a fire arrow at the red barrel from reasonable distance, and explosion of the barrel will kill the guard.
  • If you've missed the silver nugget earlier in the level and want all loot, you can still access it by using a speed potion at the bottom of the well and catapulting yourself to grab the edge.