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First Keeper Orland welcomes Garrett very reluctantly. From the prophecies, Garrett learns that a Dark Age is coming. The Keepers have been looking for a lost book called the Compendium of Reproach, which can give more information about the Dark Age. A ship called the Abysmal Gale has recently arrived at the Docks and it appears that this is connected to the prophecies. The local authority has warned all curious citizens to keep their distance. Garrett goes inside and finds that the crew have all become Zombies. The ship's manifest refers to a golden slab that was brought to the captain's seaside mansion. Garrett steals a local rowboat and sets out to retrieve it.


The lead from the Abysmal Gale has brought me here - to the captain's seaside mansion.  Well, former captain. Ol' Moira and most of his crew didn't survive their final voyage, but luckily for me the ship's manifest did.  It talked about a golden slab, which sounds like the Compendium of Reproach the Keepers have been looking for.  The log said Captain Moira brought it home for safekeeping.  I doubt he knew what he had - probably just wanted it for the gold. My stolen rowboat got me here in one piece.  Now I just have to find and steal the Compendium.

There's no way to know how many of the Captain's loyal men are guarding the place, but the household will probably be in an uproar over the captain's death.  With luck, no one will notice me sneaking around.  The Widow Moira might know where her late husband kept his treasures.  Maybe I'll start by paying her a little visit.



Loot ListEdit


Boathouse Lower Floor
Gold Coins: 75g, (x2) on small table with lamp, western side.

Main Entrance Room
Fine Portrait: 150g, on northeastern wall, above table with a few closed books sitting on it.

Library Anteroom
Large Fine Portrait: 200g, on southern wall, next to sitting guard.

Lucky Coin: 25g, sitting on table in the middle of the room.

Northern Sitting Room with Fireplace
Silver Candlestick: 50g, (x2) on top of fireplace mantle.
Diamond Goblet: 150g, lying sideways on couch, northern side.
Gold Urn: 175g, on table in northern side of room.

Northern Staircase Room
Fine Portrait: 150g, propped up against southwest corner of room.
Ruby Necklace: 75g, inside locked chest.

Bedroom Above Entrance
Copper Bowl: 100g, (x2) middle shelf of dresser, northeast corner of room.
Diamond Goblet: 150g, fireplace mantle, eastern side.
Diamond Ring: 100g, bedside table.

Sitting Room Above Entrance
Ruby Necklace: 75g, inside locked chest, east of fireplace.

Trapdoor Room
Gold Nugget: 150g, inside chest, north end of room.

Southern Bathroom
Diamond Ring: 100g, end table behind dressing screen, next to bowl.

Southern Bedroom with Balcony
Purse of Coins: 50g, end table next to small dresser on the south side of the room.


Nereid Telescope: 400g, on table near easternmost wall.

North Gallery
Ruby Goblet: 100g, inside locked chest, against west wall.

Ruby Goblet: 100g, on the very top of a shelves, stood against west wall, next to dining room door.

Dining Room
Copper Candlestick: 25g, on top of fireplace mantle, northernmost edge.
Ruby Goblet: 100g, on the dining room table, middle section.
Jade Goblet: 75g, on the dining room table, southernmost section.

Silver Coins: 50g, on desk against southern wall, westernmost side.
Diamond Ring: 100g, inside locked chest, southeast corner.

Grand Staircase
Copper Urn: 100g, directly south on table, first stairs landing.
Gold Nugget: 150g, small alcove underneath stairs, in southeast corner.

Rotunda (Upper)
Large Fine Portrait: 200g, western wall, between two alcoves.

Master Bedroom
Diamond Necklace: 100g, inside locked chest, eastern side of bed.

Master Bathroom
Widow's Mirror: 125g, on table against eastern wall.

Southeast Bedroom (Upper)
Ruby Ring: 75g, inside locked chest at the foot of the bed.

Secret Room (below North Gallery)
Courier Bag: 500g, inside locked chest.

34 items total, 4200 loot.


Day 3Edit

I've stolen the Compendium, but I can't read it any more than Captain Moira could.  I'll have to bring it back to the Keepers.  Besides, I want to see the look on their faces when I hand it over.  They've been searching for years, and I found it in one night.

Day 4Edit

I've stolen the Compendium, the book that the Glyph Key opens up.  Once I bring it back to the Keepers, we'll finally get to see this long-lost prophecy of theirs.  I hope it makes interesting reading.


  • A small storage room can be reached via the hatch above the front porch. In it are a chest containing one Gold Nugget and a key to the study floating just off the floor. Another trapdoor links it to a second floor guest room.
  • There is a crawl-space behind the foot of the main stairwell that contains another Gold Nugget and gives access to Moira's study.

Easter EggsEdit


  • Map file names are labeled SeasideMansion1 and SeasideMansion2.
  • There is a harpoon in the closet of Curtis' bedroom.
  • The doorways on the south side of the rotunda have support beams that Garrett can hide inside.
  • The woman sleeping in the guest bedroom above the entrance will notice Garrett when he approaches. She looks in his direction and may (in her sleep) remark on his unkempt appearance or scold him for loitering about.
  • Even if the widow is dead, stealing her inheritance will result in Curtis showing up with an angry letter from her.