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Gamall has ruined the Keeper Library. She has found the 'Final Glyph' and stolen the Chalice and the Paw. A Keeper Elder guesses that she must have a hidden lair, and Orland wants Garrett to find it, learn what she wants the two things for, kill her, and find and destroy the Final Glyph. The lair is located in Audale's underground. Inside Garrett steals back the Chalice and the Paw, and finds the "Glyph of Unbinding," which allows him to defeat Gamall's statues with his blackjack. He meets Artemus and from a map they figure out that the Artifacts - the Eye, the Heart, the Crown, the Chalice and the Paw - have to be placed in specific locations in the city to activate the Final Glyph, which acts as a safeguard in case the Keeper Glyphs are used for evil. Once activated, all glyph magic and all Keepers' power will be destroyed. Artemus tells Garrett that Gamall does not want to activate but to destroy the Final Glyph, which contradicts what the Keepers have told Garrett to do. Artemus goes back to Orland to get the truth while Garrett goes to the Wieldstrom Museum to steal the remaining three Artifacts (two if the Kurshok crown is not sold) before Gamall gets to them. They shall meet again at Stonemarket Plaza. The front gate of the museum is barred and guarded, but there is a secret underground tunnel dug by the Graham boys that leads into it.




Loot ListEdit


Large Fine Portrait: 200g, on W wall.
Fine Portrait: 150g, (x2) above table and beside stairs, E side room.
Silver Goblet: 50g, on table, E side room.

Eastern East Wing
Copper Goblet: 25g, ironwork display case, first floor.
Copper Plate: 50g, ironwork display case, first floor.
Copper Bracelet: 75g, ironwork display case, first floor.
Large Fine Portrait: 200g, (x2) sitting area, second floor.
Orbetti Forgery: 200g, on corner wall, second floor.
Copper Candlestick: 25g, (x2) beside guest book, second floor.

East Wing Hallway
Fine Portrait: 150g, (x3) walls at E and W ends and E stairway to upper halls.
Copper Plate: 50g, (x3) table at E side.
Copper Goblet: 25g, (x4 or x5) on tables, 2 - 3 at E side, 2 at W.
Gold Bowl: 125g, (x2) table at W side.
Gold Pitcher: 175g, table at W side.

Upper Halls
Fine Portrait: 150g, (x2) walls at W end near power switch.
Diamond Necklace: 100g, on statue at SW end.

Western East Wing
Silver Urn: 150g, cornelian display case.
Copper Plate: 50g, cornelian display case.
Gold Goblet: 75g, cornelian display case.
Curator's Monocle: 500g, floor behind cornelian display case.
Copper Candlestick: 25g, on table in W sitting area.
Fine Portrait: 150g, wall in W sitting area.

West Wing Entrance
Fine Portrait: 150g, E wall.
Diamond Necklace: 100g, on statue display.
Large Fine Portrait: 200g, on deck between staircases.
Ruby Goblet: 100g, on deck between staircases.
Fine Wine: 100g, (x2) on deck between staircases and at top of N stairs.

West Wing Hallways
Copper Plate: 50g, (x3) table at E side.
Copper Goblet: 25g, (x3) table at W wall.
Cat Statuette: 400g, Crown exhibit.


West Vestibule
Gold Ring: 75g, top of bookshelf, first floor.
Coethe Medallion: 150g, on magistrate statue, first floor.
Silver Candlestick: 50g, (x2) NW balcony, second floor.
Copper Candlestick: 25g, (x4) oval atrium, second floor.

Main Atrium
Fine Portrait: 150g, (x2) walls in W sitting area, second floor.
Large Fine Portrait: 200g, (x2) S wall of E and W sides.
Cat Statuette: 100g, W corner room display, second floor.
Copper Candlestick: 25g, (x2) E corner room, second floor.

North Stairway
Copper Candlestick: 25g, (x2) N sitting area.
Large Fine Portrait: 200g, (x2) walls at E and W ends, second floor.
Diamond Tiara: 200g, in alcove, second floor.

Upper Storeroom
Silver Candlestick: 50g, table near guard.

Curator's Office
Large Fine Portrait: 200g, on S wall.
Fine Portrait: 150g, on S wall.
Silver Goblet: 50g, table at S wall.
Fine Wine: 100g, (x3) table at S wall.
Silver Candlestick: 50g, on desk.
Diamond Goblet: 150g, on desk.
Silver Coins: 50g, on desk.

74 or 77 items total, 7750 loot (but potentially 8050, see Trivia section).


Post Mission OverviewEdit

It turns out Gamall does not show up in the museum. When Garrett comes out, Artemus is outside waiting for him, asking Garrett to give him the Artifacts. Orland comes at that moment and decides to tell Garrett the truth - he is the one to use the Artifacts, but not to destroy the Final Glyph. At this moment 'Artemus' grabs Orland in the neck and transforms back to Gamall's monstrous appearance. Orland is thrown aside when Garrett sneaks away during the process. He has to put all the Artifacts into the corresponding positions to activate the Final Glyph. Finally when he places the Eye at South Quarter Fountain, the glyph activates and all Keeper glyph magic is destroyed, at the same time leaving a key symbol on Garrett's left hand. The stone statues freeze and become ordinary ones. Gamall has changed back to her normal old woman appearance with all her power lost. The Keeper Library is now seen by citizens. All the Keepers have gone. The Chalice and the Paw are returned to the Hammerites and the Pagans respectively.


When Garrett is walking down a street one night, a young girl tries to pickpocket him but fails. Garrett's actions and his words echo those of the Keeper who recruited the young Garrett into the Keeper order in Thief: The Dark Project/Thief Gold, but they are not exact.


  • On top of a bookshelf in front of the Cyclopean Magistrate statue is a small ring that does not sparkle like ordinary loot.
  • A small tunnel near the Crown display leads Garrett close enough to the Kurshok Crown to grab it through the electric barrier.
  • A button on the back of the Heart podium momentarily deactivates the electric barrier. This can also be reached from across the barrier.

Easter EggsEdit

  • In the visitors' book of the museum, one can read an entry of Lord Bafford, the first of Garret's victims, as well as complaints from the Randalls and the Van Vernons, and comments by Lady Valerius, Lady Rumford, and Lord Gervasius.
  • A viktrola at the top of the main stairs in Porter Hall, and another on the second floor of Tesero Hall, plays a soundtrack in which the Horn of Quintus can clearly be discerned.
  • Another viktrola near the Cyclopean Magistrate statue plays the ambiance from Beck o' the Wills with the voice of Karras saying something (possibly "Repent") while a woman sobs in the background.
  • In a room near the elevator in Tesero Hall, there's one more viktrola, which plays some of Karras's speeches from "Sabotage at Soulforge" mission in Thief 2.


  • If the Kurshok Crown is not sold previous to playing this mission, there will be a Cat Statuette in its place, but the plaque on the wall will still describe it as "The Crown". In order to accomodate this extra loot (400g), one Copper Goblet, Fine Wine, Diamond Necklace, and the Gold Pitcher are removed from the mission, but it is still possible to get 300 extra by stacking the two statuettes.
  • On the wall next to the power station are two signs. One of them is behind the lighting fixture and the other is unreasonably high up.
  • On the floor in the same location is a purple beret of the style worn by the museum guards.
  • There are at least 20 giant statues in this mission that can be moved around, including the magistrate.
  • In the East Wing storage room are an enormous picture frame that can be pushed around and a small oblong crate that "splashes" like water when jumped upon.
  • The "Early Ironwork Jewelry" is actually copper and includes a plate and a goblet. The only jewellery is the bracelet.
  • In the curator's office are three ordinary looking bottles that contain valuable wine, a jewel-encrusted goblet that lost its sparkle, and (in the pre-patched version) a blank canvas displayed on the wall.
  • It is possible to make the rotating statue float in the air if enough heavy objects are placed on the sliding tile in the middle of the Atrium.