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Garrett sells The Opal at Black Market Bertha's and gets a letter from Artemus. The Keepers need him to obtain two objects for further study: The Builder's Chalice from the Hammerites and the Jacknall's Paw from the Pagans. In return Garrett can listen to their prophecies. St. Edgar's Church is where the Hammerites keep the Chalice. The temple holds the crypt of some long-ago Hammerite hero St. Edgar. This day is his holy day and there is an all-night service. Hopefully the Hammerites will sit down praying rather than looking for Garrett.


St. Edgar's Church. This is where the Hammerite fanatics keep the Chalice, a so-called holy relic. It's what the Keepers are asking me to steal, if I want to see their prophecies for myself. The Chalice might not be worth much on the street, but every Hammer church has a nice pile of wealth stashed away -- no reason not to fill my pockets while I'm here.

This particular temple holds the crypt of some long-ago Hammerite hero – St. Edgar. Today was his holy day, so there's an all-night service. That might work in my favor, if they're all sitting down praying instead of looking for sinners to smite.

Chances are, they'll have anything they think is holy locked up pretty tight. I'll have to make sure they don't do the same to me – I'm not interested in the Hammerite brand of justice.[1]



Loot ListEdit


Front Courtyard
Copper Coins: 25g, (x2) in collection plate on west end.

Front Balcony and West Triforium
Copper Candlestick: 25g, on bench against north wall.
Purse of Coins: 50g, carried by Hammerite patrolling triforium.

West Prayer Room
Codex of the Admonitions: 100g, on bench near statue.

East Prayer Room
Copper Coin Pile: 25g, in collection plate on front pew.

Central Chamber
Gold Candlestick: 75g, on crate in upper east aisle.
Diamond Goblet: 150g, (x2) on the central table.
Gold Bowl: 125g, on bench beside altar in north end.

West Courtyard
Purse of Coins: 50g, carried by Hammerite Priest.

East Courtyard
Ruby Goblet: 100g, on barrel outside High Priest's quarters.

High Priest's Chambers
Silver Goblet: 50g, on table.
Cat O' Nine Tails: 350g, in locked chest.
Gold Candlestick: 75g, (x2) above shelf with wine bottles.

Gold Pitcher: 175g, on barrel in room beside stairs.
Ruby: 125g, beside statue in south upper aisles.
Fine Portrait: 150g, above bench in sleeping quarters.
Silver Coins: 50g, (x2) on table in sleeping quarters.
Effigy of St. Edgar: 50g, in chest in sleeping quarters.


Prison Area
Jade Ring: 50g, in charnel furnace.
Silver Candlestick: 50g, on table across from Inspector Drept's office.

Drept's Office
Silver Candlestick: 50g, on bookshelf.
Silver Coins: 50g, in chest.
Gold Coins: 50g, (x2) in chest.

Storage Area
Silver Nugget: 100g, (x2) on shelf.

Silver Candlestick: 50g, (x2) in suspension cage.
Golden Bell: 150g, in suspension cage.

33 items total, 2850 loot.


Day 1Edit

Now that I have The Chalice, I'm one step closer to the books in the Keeper library. Those prophecies had better be worth the trouble -- my little raid isn't going endear me to the Hammers.

Day 2Edit

Now that I have the Chalice, I have everything the Keepers asked for. That earns me access to their library and prophecies. Funny how making the Keepers happy ends up getting me in big trouble with everyone else.[2]


  • At the south end of the west courtyard is a buttress with a flat top that can be climbed in order to reach the upper entrance to the factory.
  • The pipes at the far end of the east courtyard lead to a small vent that opens onto the rafters above Greidus' chambers.

Easter EggsEdit


  • Map Inconsistency: When starting the mission the main face of the building is in front of you to the North, but when viewing it from the Stonemarket access point it is to the East.
  • Spinning parts in the factory are not calibrated properly, and so will gradually rotate out of place, eventually jutting out perpendicular to their sockets.


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