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Pavelock Prison is a one time mini-mission that you acquire if you get caught in the city by the bluecoats. The second time the guards catch you in the city they won't be so forgiving, and will kill you.

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Pavelock Prison


  • Break out of your cell.
  • Your equipment is locked up in the Confiscation Depository, south of your cell.  Get it back.
  • Escape from Pavelock Prison.


Loot ListEdit

Day 1-9Edit


Easter EggsEdit


  • If visiting the prison during the last phase of the game, where Garrett has to put the artifacts in place, the stone gargoyles will appear throughout the prison.
  • If the doors to the other prisoners are opened, the prisoner inside will make a run for it and the guards will give chase and kill them if they are seen.
  • Jumping into the water at the docks gets you sent to prison.

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