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Sabotaging the gigantic mechanism stops the clock, but also causes the entire clocktower to collapse. Meanwhile Interpreter Caduca is found murdered. Orland points his finger at Garrett and fixes up a trial at the Keeper Compound. After Garrett is found guilty and is taken away, Orland arranges his escape as an excuse to send the Keeper Enforcers, an elite unit of telepathically connected assassins, after him. While on the run, Garrett is contacted by a group of friendly Keepers. They mention that 'the rubble (of the clocktower) forms an arrow, and it points directly at the Keeper Library'. Until Garrett is found, no one is allowed to enter nor leave the Compound. Orland has used a 'Binding Glyph' to seal every glyph door in the whole city until the Enforcers bring him Garrett's corpse. To replace Caduca, he plans to promote Gamall to the position of Interpreter. Garrett believes that Orland is the 'Brethren and Betrayer', so he returns to the Compound to seek evidence of Orland's guilt. In Orland's office in the Keeper Library, there is a secret tunnel connecting it and the Compound.




Loot ListEdit


North Tower
Golden Bell: 150g, on SW wall, top floor.
Fine Portrait: 150g, on SW wall, top floor.

Council Room
Silver Bowl: 175g, at foot of big statue, second floor.
Gold Coin Pile: 75g, in jewellery box in east alcove, top floor.
Handful of Gems: 200g, in jewellery box in east alcove, top floor.

Dining Hall
Imbris Analects: 100g, on table.
Ruby Goblet: 100g, (x2) on tables.
Copper Candlestick: 25g, on table.
Fine Portrait: 150g, on wall above fireplace.

Eastern Hall
Silver Coins: 50g, on table near south doorway.
Golden Bell: 150g, on wall near south doorway.

Silver Candlestick: 50g, on table in SE corner.
Gold Coins: 75g, (x2) in chest against west wall.
Handful of Gems: 200g, in chest against west wall.
Jade: 100g, (x3) in Artemus' chest.

Hall of Scribes
Silver Candlestick: 50g, (x2) on barrel in SE corner and on bookshelf at west end.
Imbris Analects: 100g, on stone lectern.

Elder's Library
Golden Scales: 450g, in niche above glyph door.
Imbris Analects: 100g, on table with note.

Orland's Room
Silver Candlestick: 50g, on table.
Silver Goblet: 50g, in chest beside table.
Diamond: 150g, (x2) in chest beside table.


Caduca's Chambers
Silver Candlestick: 50g, (x3) at large table and bedside table.
Gold Goblet: 75g, on large table.
Jade Ring: 50g, on bookshelf north of bed.

West End
Gold Goblet: 75g, on octagonal table, lecture hall.
Jade Goblet: 75g, (x2) on shelf above bed, south bedroom.
Purse of Coins: 50g, on shelves beside chest, south bedroom.
Golden Dagger: 50g, in chest, south bedroom.
Gold Coin Pile: 75g, in chest, south bedroom.
Diamond Tiara: 200g, in chest, south bedroom.

East End
Gold Coin Pile: 75g, in chest against west wall.
Silver Statuette: 50g, on bookshelf in SE corner.
Rare Book: 100g, on central bookshelf at far end.
Gold Plate: 100g, on SW table.
Gold Candlestick: 75g, on SW table.

Hall of Statues
Copper Bowl: 100g, on table in northern hallway.
Handful of Gems: 200g, in chest in SW corner.
Gold Coin Pile: 75g, in chest in SW corner.

48 items total, 4825 loot (but potentially 4925, see Trivia section).



Easter EggsEdit


  • The copy of Imbris Analects in the Elder Library will vanish if the Keeper Council agrees to move books to the Hall of Scribes, but if it is stolen beforehand a duplicate will still appear in the Hall of Scribes. Making a total of 102% loot for this mission.