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'When the progress of the time ceases, the evil one will be pointed out for all to see.' First Keeper Orland advises that they "wait and watch", but Garrett decides to "break into the clocktower in Stonemarket, find some way to stop the clock from running", as a means of forcing the prophecy to be fulfilled. The clocktower is a very old and high building, run by Hammerites. The entrance on the ground floor is locked, so Garrett breaks in via the pipes outside the building.


See Briefing for Killing Time.



Loot ListEdit

Upper Clocktower:Edit

Pendulum Area (Top Floor)
Silver Statuette: 50g, in chest at SE corner.
Diamond Gear: 400g, high up on the west wall, in the NW corner.

Debole's Office (9th Floor)
Purse of Coins: 50g, inside chest.
Gold Candlestick: 75g, on desk.
Gold Goblet: 75g, on desk.
Father Debole's Solace: 150g, under desk.

Sleeping Quarters (9th Floor)
Copper Coin Pile: 25g, (x2) on top middle bunk and in chest at foot of same.
Purse of Coins: 50g, (x3) carried by novice and in end chests against eastern wall.
Copper Comb: 50g, in chest at NW corner.
Silver Spoon: 50g, on small table north of window.
Silver Fork: 50g, on small table north of window.
Silver Goblet: 50g, on shelf south of window.

Upper Gears (7th Floor)
Copper Candlestick: 25g, (x2) in chest, SE central chamber.
Gold Bracelet: 125g, in crawlspace under stairs.
Silver Coins: 50g, in chest beside gear, NE room.
Copper Urn: 100g, in chest beside gear, NE room.

5-Storey Room (6th Floor)
Gold Coin Pile: 75g, on high ledge against wall in SE corner.

Lower Clocktower:Edit

Lower Gears (3rd-5th Floor)
Gold Coins: 75g, in chest above northern stairs, mid-level.
Gold Coin Pile: 75g, in chest on boardwalk above chimes, central chamber.

Chime Area (2nd Floor)
Builder's Ingot: 50g, on window ledge in shrine, SE corner.
Gold Candlestick: 75g, in storage room crawlspace, northern passage.

Entry Area (1st Floor)
Purse of Coins: 50g, (x2) on reception desk and in nearby chest, west hall.
Silver Goblet: 50g, on reception desk in west hall.

Purse of Coins: 50g, (x2) carried by guard patrolling west walkway, upper level, and by novice below.
Gold Goblet: 75g, on table in foreman's office.
Gold Pitcher: 175g, on table in foreman's office.
Gold Coins: 75g, in chest, foreman's office.

33 items total, 2450 loot.


See Debrief for Killing Time.


  • The crawl-space in the room above the "long way down" section containing a Gold Bracelet.
  • A hole under the elevator between the first and second floors opens directly onto the coal dispenser (outside the foreman's office). In order to use the Stopping Mechanism, however, Garrett first needs to "Reach the basement of the Clocktower" which means heading toward the ground floor until he passes the point designated as the basement.

Easter EggsEdit


  • Map Inconsistency: The Clocktower face is facing south in Stonemarket but inside the Clocktower it is facing west.
  • The altar room on the second floor has two niches. The one on the right (containing a Fire Crystal) is missing part of its ceiling.
  • In a chest on the ground floor is an Oil Flask positioned so that it is impossible to reach. The only way to collect it is to knock it out of place.
  • There is a huge loose lump of coal atop the dispenser.
  • A bottle on the foreman's desk is notable for its polished steel surface and unusual sound properties; wood-like on wooden surfaces and almost ceramic on metal.
  • The basement section of the main gear shaft rotates in a direction opposite to that seen on all of the segments above it.