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The Keeper Library



Loot ListEdit

Day 1-9Edit


  • In the acolyte chambers there is a button on the ground that reveals the secret entrance to the forbidden library. The glyph upgrade is necessary in order to use this entrance.
  • A button in Caduca's bookshelf opens the door to a secret room containing a book about the last glyph and some loot.

Easter EggsEdit


  • The books contained in the forbidden library contain canonical information on diverse matters.
  • Also in the forbidden library there is a biography of Garrett that summarizes the events that occurred in Thief 1 and 2.
  • Map Inconsistency: The Keeper Library entrance is aligned with the Stonemarket gateway, but Orland's balcony is located on the west side of the library, contrary to in-game and cutscenes.
  • All of the giant statues are holding books that Garrett can pick up.
  • A candle on Orland's desk and another in the secret room are impossible to pinch out.
  • When Garrett takes out a weapon or draws an arrow, the item will appear briefly floating in the centre of the main rotunda.