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Fort Ironwood



Loot ListEdit

Day 1-9Edit


  • A hatch in the second floor ceiling opens onto a section of the roof, where there are two Jade Goblets and a boiler containing a fire crystal. This is also the home of a Rust Mite.

Easter EggsEdit


  • Within the Fort Ironwood crypts lie the tombs of Bernard Farkus (killed at the beginning of Assassins in Thief: The Dark Project), and Ramirez (appearing in the same mission). Ramirez's epitaph is 'Loved his burricks.' Lord Bafford's sister was interred here as well. There is also a crypt (E Douerty) that represents a developer that was interviewed but not hired.
  • In a small room connected to the catacombs can be found a severed head in an indestructible bell jar.
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