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Mission OverviewEdit

The bag contains a bronze medallion stamped with a griffin. It belongs to the Rutherfords who own a castle in South Quarter. It also has some connection with a huge opal locked in the castle vault. Garrett would hate to have anyone but him get a stone like that.


I had my fence take a look at Lord Julian's medallion. Perry says the crest belongs to the Rutherfords, one of the oldest so-called Great Families, with a castle in South Quarter and a street named after them. They've got a lot of wealth, and a nasty reputation for turning on each other.

Based on that conversation I overheard, Julian is definitely carrying on the family tradition. Lord Ember, Julian's cousin, currently resides in the castle, and Julian wants revenge. Julian had a good plan -- hide inside a supply cart and ride in after dark. Then signal the cook to open the side door by putting out the lion's-head torch in the courtyard. A good enough plan for me to use myself.

That ‘Bloodline Opal' sounds valuable, and it's better off with me than sitting around in their vault. But I can't get lazy -- Ember will have his personal guard, and doubtless a few other family tricks in store for anyone who comes after the opal.[1]


  • Break into Rutherford Castle.
  • Find a clue about how to locate and open the vault.
    • The vault is protected by a portcullis. Search Lord Ember's chambers to figure out how to open the portcullis.
    • Find and activate the secret switch in Lord Ember's chambers to open the vault's portcullis.
  • Steal the Bloodline Opal from the vault.
  • Steal 30% of the loot. Easy
  • Steal 40% of the loot. Normal
  • Steal 60% of the loot. Hard
  • Steal 90% of the loot. Expert
  • Find at least 1 special loot item. Normal
  • Find at least 2 special loot items. Hard
  • Find at least 3 special loot items. Expert
  • Do not kill any non-combatants. Expert
  • When your other objectives are complete, leave the castle grounds the same way you came in, the front gate.


  • The cook is waiting for the signal. Put out the lionhead torch, and he'll open the side entrance located above the torch on the castle ramparts.
  • The vault is in the basement.
  • The cook's journal said there's a secret switch to the vault portcullis in Lord Ember's chambers.

Starting GearEdit

  • Dagger
  • Blackjack
  • 20 Broadhead Arrows
  • 25 Water Arrows
  • 5 Noisemaker Arrows
  • 1 Healing Potion
  • 8 Flash Bombs


Loot ListEdit

Loot list

Castle Front: 950

Inner Quarters:1175

Total: 2125


The Bloodline Opal's mine now, and based on the size of this thing, I'd say it was worth it. But something tells me this Lady Elizabeth character had her own plans for the Rutherfords. I'd better get the opal to Perry soon – he can cut it into smaller stones that are easier to move, and we'll both make a tidy profit.[3]


  • There is a partially hidden crawl-space at the end of the second floor suite (west of the main stairs) behind a crate. It leads directly onto the balcony where a valuable portrait is hung.
  • Underneath the stairwell leading to Elizabeth's chambers is another crawl-space, frequented by a rat, containing a Copper Goblet and a wheel of Cheese.

Easter EggsEdit


  • There are a total of 20 small junk-crates in the front of the castle.
  • One of the sword racks is missing from the armoury, leaving the swords hovering in the air.
  • The dinner table in the Inner Chambers has four bowls floating above it and at least four forks buried inside it.
  • All forks, goblets, and knives in this section are made of wood.


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