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This is Auldale, one of the richest districts of the City.  Where high society types take strolls in the park or visit the Museum with all their... leisure time.  Every thief in town knows there's plenty of wealth and baubles to be stolen among the opulence... only a few know how to get at it.  But, I've got other things on my mind.  It's not enough that every Keeper in the city is trying to kill me, but now there's a mysterious old woman after me as well.  So, I've come to Auldale to find Inspector Drept.  From what I've heard, he's obsessed with the fable of a murderous hag, and I'm sure there's a connection.  I hope he has a lead for me, because if he doesn't... then I'm at a dead end.



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Day 1-9Edit


Robbing the goldsmith is only possible on the first day after entering Auldale if Garrett kills or knocks out Jimmy the Knife (the thug abusing the goldsmith in front of the Auldale memorial), since that is when the bars from the door are removed and the goldsmith opens. However, after Garrett gains access to the canals (or by climbing across the top of the archway leading to Gamall's Lair), there's a back entrance from them leading into the goldsmith's and there's no need to help the man.

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  • Auldale is the only city district where you can find a City Watch guard with a purse at his belt.
  • It is possible to get a view of the River by climbing over the gate to Old Quarter. The ledge above the gate is enclosed by two buildings and a tall crenelated wall. By climbing up the middle of this wall, through the central merlon, Garrett can fall onto the ceiling of the gatehouse. From here, he can climb onto the invisible box which contains a section of the River that can be viewed from certain angles.