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Search the Abysmal Gale's cargo hold to see if it's related to The Keeper's Compendium of Reproach.

Oddly enough, this 'mission' does not have a Briefing or Debriefing, giving you the freedom to come and go as you please. You are not required to collect anything, nor do you have to search the ship at all if you choose not to.


Proceed cautiously as ever through the halls of the ship, avoiding the middle of the hallways as the decks of some hallways may be made of metal. Since gathering loot is not requisite here, you may feel free to ignore any shineys you see as you proceed downwards. Keep your dagger out at all times as well as flashbombs or holy water. If you're careful, a well placed backstab will render a zombie 'dormant' and unable to attack you, or even notice you, until you draw near to them again.

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  • Map Inconsistency: The Abysmal Gale model in The Docks is about 50% the size of the playable map and that map has the stern of the ship incorrectly pointing north.