Trail of Blood
Designed by
Terri Brosius
Official Mission
(9th mission in campaign)
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Total Loot
1500 + previous mission's loot
If I believed in it, now it would be a good time for me to wish for luck.

Trail of Blood is the ninth mission in Thief II: The Metal Age. Having followed the wounded pagan into the mysterious portal, Garrett emerges far outside The City and must follow the trail of blood left by the pagan to find out where he's gone and what is going on.


The portal deposits Garrett in a grove of trees far outside the city. The wounded pagan is nowhere in sight. Garrett follows the trail of blood to find out where the pagan has gone, although he has no idea where he is or what he will be up against. Along the way he finds that a pagan village has been occupied by Mechanists who seem to have embarked upon a campaign of extermination and have murdered the villagers. Upon going through another large portal he eventually finds himself once again in The Maw of Chaos, where Garrett once defeated the legendary pagan god known as The Trickster. Along the way he finds several letters between Mosley and the pagans, which reveal that Sheriff Truart was hired by the Mechanists to kill him.


  • There is some blood on the ground, and it's probably from the wounded pagan who's carrying Mosley's letter. Follow the blood trail to find out where his ultimate destination is.
  • Following a blood trail alone in a dark, unfamiliar place can be difficult, so see if you can find a map or some other information about where you are.
  • You're a thief, not a murderer. If you catch up with the wounded pagan, or come across any other humans, don't kill them. (expert only)
  • Bonus objective - get some loot (minus previous misson's loot) despite being in hostile territory
    • 500 in loot (normal) 
    • 750 in loot (hard) 
    • 900 in loot (expert) 


Keeper's Chapel

Loot ListEdit

Keeper's Chapel


There are no secrets on Trail of Blood

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