Running Interference
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(1st mission in campaign)
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Total Loot (hard)
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I make it a policy never to take a job so sentimental, but the Rumford manor could be a lucrative opportunity for a man like me.

Running Interference is the first mission in Thief II: The Metal Age. Garrett must break into Rumford Manor and clear the way for Basso the Boxman to free his girlfriend Jenivere who has been confined within the mansion.


This is much like a training mission for new players and a chance for old players to re-familiarize themselves with the game. An old associate of Garrett, Basso the Boxman - rescued from Cragscleft Prison on Expert difficulty level in the second mission of Thief: The Dark Project - wants to marry Lady Rumford's chambermaid, Jenivere. This would void her service contract, so Rumford has the girl locked up in the estate. Garrett is asked to clear a path for Basso to rescue her without killing any of the guards, which also means Garrett has to avoid so much as being seen by the guards in order to avoid confrontations.


  • Once you're ready for Basso to go, give the signal using the birdcall he gave you. You have to be close enough for him to hear it!
  • Help Basso and Jenivere get out of the mansion together. You'll need to scout ahead to make sure Basso's route is safe.
  • Jenivere would be aghast if anybody died because of this. Don't kill anyone.
  • Luckily, Basso didn't say anything about not taking Lady Rumford's stuff. Get 300 in loot. (Hard)
  • Luckily, Basso didn't say anything about not taking Lady Rumford's stuff. Get 600 in loot, including 200 in gems. (Expert)
  • Still, nothing stops you from teaching these guards a lesson and getting in a little practice. Score at least 8 knockouts. (Expert)
  • What would a wedding be without rings? Get two for Basso and Jenivere (BONUS OBJECTIVE!)
  • Note[1]


Starting GearEdit

No shop.

Characters present in the MissionEdit

Type Count Notes
Normal Hard Expert
Common Sword Guard 7 7 7
Common Bow Guard 6 6 6
Servant 0 1 1 The servant in the basement kitchen is removed on Normal.

Storyline CharactersEdit

Difficulty AlterationsEdit

The most noticeable difference between the settings probably is the different basement key locations. Even though the key changes place it is still in the same premise on all difficulties. An interesting thing is that there are two basement keys on Normal. Another noticeable difference is the additional servant on Hard and Expert.

Smaller changes include: the golden plate on the tray in the garden gives 50 gold instead of 10 goods on Expert; a purse worth 100 gold, in west-end basement room, is removed on Normal; a couple golden candlesticks worth 2x50, in the basement entrance room, are replaced with two worthless candlesticks on Hard and Expert; a golden necklace worth 45 gold and 75 gems, in the east top floor bedroom, is removed on Normal; in the basement workshop there are 3 Healing Potions on Normal, 1 on Hard and 0 on Expert, as well as one less Flash Bomb on Expert in the secret in the same room; a couple Fine Wine bottle worth 2x20 goods, in the basement kitchen winery, are removed on Normal; in the basement kitchen, a golden plate worth 50 gold, is removed on Expert and a Fine Wine bottle worth 61 good is removed on Normal and Hard; in the first floor dining room, a golden goblet worth 25 gold as well as 2 wooden goblets, are removed on Normal.


Keeper's Chapel

Loot ListEdit

Total loot:

  • Expert: 785 Gold + 250 Gems + 230 Goods = 1265 Total Loot
  • Hard: 785 Gold + 250 Gems + 179 Goods = 1214 Total Loot
  • Normal: 715 Gold + 175 Gems + 139 Goods = 1029 Total Loot
  • Un-patched version on Expert: 805 Gold + 250 Gems, 230 Goods = 1285 Total Loot

Loot lists:

Keeper's Chapel


Total secrets: 3 + 1 Bonus Objective

Secret 1Edit

OM T2 Running Interference screenshot001

Location: Basement Workshop

Claiming: Under the shelf with the bunch of Flares, on the left end, there is a lever. Activating it will slide up the blades display on the left.

Loot: Purse worth 50 gems, a flare and two Flash Bombs (one on Expert)

Secret 2Edit

OM T2 Running Interference screenshot002

Location: Basement Kitchen.

Claiming: On the east side of the Kitchen there is a wine rack. The secret is on the lower right right side.

Loot: Speed Potion

Secret 3Edit

OM T2 Running Interference screenshot003

Location: West wing bedroom, second floor.

Claiming: In the bedroom, under the plant stand next to the bed is a lever. Pulling it will open a hidden compartment above the bed.

Secret 4 Edit


Location: Stairs from hall to basement dining room.

Claiming: If you go down to the dining toom, you can see above the stairs

Loot: Coins (number unknown)

Loot: A golden tiara worth 75 gold and 100 gems.

Bonus ObjectiveEdit

OM T2 Running Interference screenshot004

Location: Great Hall, First Floor

Claiming: On the right side above the big fireplace there is a small niche with two rings.

Loot: A couple of wedding rings

Some TipsEdit

  • On Expert, there is a mandatory minimum of 8 knock-outs with the Blackjack, so don't try to sneak past every guard without punting him out. Basso and Jenevere can escape, but the mission won't end if the 8 are not knocked out.
  • On the patched version of the game (v. 1.18) one of the coins in the staircase between the basement kitchen and the great hall is stuck behind the wall and is unfrobbable. This is a development bug and why there is always 20 loot missing.
  • The front courtyard is tricky, but, unlock the front doors from the great hall, wait for the patrolling guard to go away and sneak behind the two stationary guards, blackjack them silently and go after the loot on the grass.
  • Use the Golden Key key to access the west wing top floor. The easiest way to get it is to pickpocket the guard in the dining room, from the dumb waiter.

Trivia Edit

An interesting fact is, that Garrett can slip by into Jenivere's room, and on the table is a key. This key ironically only opens her door. This is to stop Garrett getting locked in there.


  1. T2 resources in game objectives