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Gervaisius' security system are not the most dangerous thing

I've ever worked with.

  — Garrett
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Official Mission (14th in campaign)
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Masks is the fourteenth mission in Thief II: The Metal Age. Garrett is now familiar with Gervaisius' security systems and knows how to operate the secret backdoor to the third floor. Time to steal some masks and a Cultivator.


Now that the exhibition time has come, and since Garrett has established a "close working relationship" with Lord Gervaisius' security systems, going back in for those masks should not be too much trouble. At the same time Karras is making some modifications to the Mechanists' cathedral, Soulforge, including some sort of valves and seals on the doors, while inside it looks like a huge factory full of machines and equipment.


  • Steal all three precursor masks
  • Discover the contents of the letter from Karras to Gervaisius
  • Apparently, Gervaisius has got his hands on a Cultivator as well. Looks like this run will be your one-stop artifact shopping centre
  • Don't let your rush for the masks make you forget the value of money. Get 2800 loot.
  • Don't kill anyone (Hard/Expert)
  • Get out of the mansion and back to the streets


Here are all of the secrets in Masks

Secret 1 Switch in south-east hall on third floor reveal passage to foyer.
Secret 2 Switches on wall (right of fireplace) in third floor studies reveals connecting passageway.
Secret 3 Switch on control panel in the northeast opens door to the nearby hallway, and vice versa.
Secret (Not Counted) Switch on desk in north study on third floor reveals hidden room with purse in south study.

Easter Eggs

A book located in the second floor trophy room relates the story of "Captain Rufus T. Spaulding" (an amalgam of "Rufus T. Firefly" and "Captain Geoffrey T. Spaulding", both character names of Groucho Marx) who hunts for the fabled "frumious Bandersnatch" (from Lewis Carroll's poem "Jabberwocky").