Life of the Party
Designed by
Emil Pagliarulo
Official Mission
(10th mission in campaign)
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Angelwatch? Is this how our arrangement is gonna work, you coming up with ways for me to get myself killed?

Life of the Party is the tenth mission in Thief II: The Metal Age. In The Maw of Chaos, Garrett meets Viktoria and learns that the Mechanists were behind his attempted murder. Garrett begrudgingly agrees to work with Viktoria, and travels the rooftops to Angelwatch to collect information about the mysterious Cetus Project.


Whilst walking in a forested area of The Maw of Chaos, Garrett is confronted by the wood-nymph Viktoria, who became the leader of the pagans after the Trickster's death. She eventually persuades him to join her against the Mechanists, their common foe. She informs him that Karras is writing a new scripture of the Master Builder, and at the same time throwing a ball for the local nobility at Angelwatch, the new Mechanist tower in Dayport. The Mechanist leader's motives for this party and his plans are not clear. Viktoria asks Garrett to find out what Karras is up to and to obtain information about the Cetus Project, a name her agents have heard numerous times.

Since the Mechanists are determined to kill Garrett, it is too dangerous to travel on the streets. Furthermore, with the city's nobility in attendance, security at Angelwatch is significantly more heavy, so gaining entrance will be difficult. Garrett must travel from the bell tower to Angelwatch via the 'Thieves' highway', another name for the rooftops.

At Angelwatch, Garrett discovers that Karras did not attend his own party, instead leaving recorded messages for the guests, and, surprisingly, one for Garrett himself in Karras's office, implying that Karras knew of Garrett's plans.


  • Travel via the rooftops and stay off the streets.
  • Infiltrate Angelwatch.
  • Spy on Karras to learn why he's throwing the party.
  • Break into Karras' office and find some information on the Cetus Project.
  • Find and read Karras' latest entry into the New Scripture of the Master Builder.
  • Steal 750 loot (Normal)
  • Steal 1100 loot (Hard)
  • Steal 1550 worth of loot. (Expert)
  • Don't kill anybody. (Hard/Expert)
  • When your objectives have been completed, get out of Angelwatch and back to the safety of the bell tower.


Keeper's Chapel

Loot ListEdit

Keeper's Chapel

Normal : 2843 Hard/Expert : 2853


Total Secrets: 7

Secret 1

Location: Shemenov Estate

Before you reach the four arguing guards you pass through small room protected by a single guard patrolling a marble staircase. Shoot a rope arrow into the ceiling and mantle the the wooden ceiling beam. In the corner is a small passage with two boards covering one end. Chop the boards and you find yourself in the room with the telescope that opens the secret door.

Item: Sunburst Device

Secret 2

Location: Necromancer's Spire

While you're in the Necromancer's Spire, don't forget to take the lift down to the 2nd floor. It's here that you'll find a bookcase with the old "book that opens a secret passage" gag. This book opens a passage underneath the lift you took down so you have to send the lift back up, step onto the newly revealed platform and then press the down button.

Loot: a Copper Coin Stack worth 100 gold

Item: Papyrus, Healing Potion, and Speed Potion

Secret 3

Location: Necromancer's Spire

Still in the Necromancer's Spire, shoot a water arrow into the fire on the top floor. This will push a button opening up access to the dungeon from the room found in secret 2. Alternately you can try using the button though you may not be able to actually see it.

Item: Invisibility Potion

Secret 4

As you approach Lady Louisa's Estate, look to your left for an opening. Climb in, open the door, and use the unlit torch to open a secret at the end of the hall.

Secret 5

Location: Angelwatch

During your stay at Angelwatch, check out the statue found in the hall on the 5th floor. If you look into its eyes you'll discover that one of them is a button that opens a secret door nearby.

Item: 1 Gas Arrow, Healing Potion, Speed Potion

Secret 6

Location: Angelwatch

In the 5th floor of Angelwatch, there is a small metal lined closet across from a fireplace. If you turn around and look at the upper left corner of the doorframe you'll see a lever opening a secret door in the closet. Now you can turn off the wall safe alarm in Karras' office.

Secret 7

Location: Bell Tower

From the Bell Tower where you start, look to your left for a ledge. Follow it to a set of shutters that can be opened for some gold and water arrows.

Item: 3 Water Arrows

Loot: 2 gold coins worth 20 gold each

Easter EggsEdit

  • In the Necromancer's Spire, there is a book called "Book of Ash". When read, it spawns two zombies. This is a reference to the cult classic movie "Army of Darkness".



The Guard's buddy who fell off while drunk.

  • An early version of this level also appears as the only level in Thief II: The Metal Age Demo called "The Unwelcome Guest".
  • Just outside Angelwatch, there's a lone drunken guard with a lot of bottles around him. Far below, over the edge of the roof is his colleague who was presumably extremely drunk and fell to his death.
  • It's possible for a Van Vernon or a Master Willey guard to survive the battle with just one health point left. In that case hitting him with the blackjack will kill him and cause the mission to fail.
  • According to Emil Paglirulo, he was largely inspired to create the mission by rooftop sections of the original Rainbow 6 on the PC.[1]


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