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You may be looking for the bank of the same name.

First City Bank and Trust
Designed by
Randy Smith
Official Mission
(6th mission in campaign)
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Risky, but you know, I've always wanted a good enough excuse to break into First City Bank and Trust.

First City Bank and Trust is the sixth mission in Thief II: The Metal Age. In order to obtain incriminating evidence on Sheriff Truart, Garrett decides to break into the vault of First City Bank and Trust, the largest bank in The City.


Garrett has learned from the meeting that the Mechanist leader, Karras, is turning living humans into mechanical "servants" for purposes not entirely known. He has developed a kind of weapon that can turn people into rust and demonstrated the process in front of Sheriff Truart. Truart has promised to supply twenty lower class subjects, such as prostitutes, street scum, and so on, for Karras to produce more servants. The incriminating meeting was recorded by Karras for collateral and the recording placed in a safe deposit box at First City Bank and Trust. It is one of the wealthiest establishments in town, catering to the financial needs of the City's upper crust. Garrett wants the recording to exert a little pressure on Truart and find out who has hired him to kill him. The safe deposit boxes are in the huge bank vault, and the bank is well-protected by the Mechanists' security machines and the usual guards. Since Garrett made a copy of the key while he was in the Eastport Mechanist Seminary, he should be able to open the box, grab the recording and get out.


  • Break into the bank. It's a large building, so they can't put a guard at every possible entrance.
  • You'll need to know the number of the deposit box the recording is in. Search for information in the Hall of Records.
  • Get inside the vault and steal the recording. Opening the vault will probably be difficult.
  • Once you've got the recording, you are free to leave.
  • Killing people is unnecessary. But destroying Mechanist security machines is not an issue. (expert)


Starting Gear

  • Safety-Deposit Box Key
  • 3 Scouting Orbs
  • 3 Flash Bombs
  • 3 Mines (Expert: 0)
  • 5 Rope Arrows (Expert: 3)
  • 3 Noisemaker Arrows
  • 11 Moss Arrows (Expert: 8)
  • 11 Water Arrows (Expert: 8)
  • 4 Fire Arrows (Expert: 2)
  • 40 Broadhead Arrows (Expert: 20)


  • 8 Flares
  • 2 Healing Potions
  • 5 Flash Bombs (Expert: 3)
  • tip
  • 3 Mines
  • 20 Broadhead Arrows
  • 10 Water Arrows
  • 7 Moss Arrows
  • 3 Fire Arrows

Characters Present in Mission

Type Count Notes
Normal Hard Expert
Sheriff Sword Guard 5 + ? 5 + ? 5 + ? The 5 known are always outside Bank
Common Bow Guard 4 + ? 4 + ? 4 + ? The 4 known are always outside Bank
Worker Bot 5 + ? 7 + ? 7 + ? The 5/7 known are always patrolling the Basement
Combat Bot 7 7 7 Three always in Basement; two each on 1st and 2nd Floors
Watcher ? ? ? None present outside or in basement
Nobleman 1 1 1 Bank Employee on 2nd Floor

NOTE: The quantities and placement of the guards, cameras, and bots are randomized each playthrough/restart. Exceptions noted above.

Difficulty Alterations

The differences per difficulty level are relatively minor. There are two iron gates blocking each end of the covered walkway attached to the southern side of the Bank on Hard/Expert. The north door to the 2nd floor -> 3rd floor staircase (always with 2 worker bots and Watchers) can't be opened on Hard/Expert. And, the main office, farthest SW on 2nd floor, can't be opened with the standard key on Hard/Expert.

The other main alteration is to the small drainage pool in the basement. On Normal there are 5 water arrows to be found there, while there are only 4 on Hard, and 2 on Expert.


Keeper's Chapel

Loot List

Total Loot:

  • Normal/Hard/Expert: 1639 Gold + 0 Gems + 645 Goods = 2284 Total Loot

Loot Lists: Keeper's Chapel


Total secrets: 2

Secret 1

Bank secret.png

Location: Second Floor, Music Room

Claiming: On the wooden platform there is a switch at the bottom left. It opens a door underneath the platform.

Loot: a speed potion and a healing potion (as well as some Water and Moss Arrows on the Normal setting)

Secret 2

Bank Secret, 2.png

Location: Third Floor, Hall of Statues

Claiming: There is a switch behind the second statue on the left. It opens up a small secret room in a nearby office. Back in the hall with the camera(s), go north, then clockwise to the office.

Loot: golden ring


  • Don't try to grab the loot in the lobby in the beginning; between the four Watchers, there is no place to hide. The best way is to wait until after you've shut them off.
  • You can hide from the Watchers by standing directly under them as they can't pan down.

Easter Eggs

  • The vault's lock will open automatically after eight hours of gameplay.


  • There is a valve in the basement by the drainage pool that can be turned. It was left there by accident and does absolutely nothing.
  • The door code, 0451, is a reference to the office number Looking Glass Studios had, a reference that can be seen in games all the way up to Bioshock Infinite.