Casing the Joint
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(13th mission in campaign)
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We can't afford any delays later when the masks arrive...

Casing the Joint is 13th mission in Thief II: The Metal Age. Garrett must find secret stairway to third floor without alerting anyone in Lord Gervaisius' mansion.


Viktoria has made Cavador "spill his guts". He was instructed to deliver two kinds of artifacts: brass masks and some kind of agricultural device called the "Cultivator", thirty of each. Garrett suggests where they can lay their hands on one of those Precursor Masks: Lord Gervaisius, a collector with an interest in masks and headdresses, and how Garrett had had a commission out for them while he was down in the Lost City before. Gervaisius was planning an exhibition of his mask collection on the top floor of his mansion. Access is by an elevator controlled from the top floor, but there is talk of a secret passage, a secret staircase. Garrett has to find it, and do so without alerting anyone in the mansion.


  • Find and operate the door to the secret stairway.
  • Find and read the correspondence from the Mechanists to Gervaisius (optional).
  • Find at least seven secrets (Expert)
  • Map out at least half of the mansion.
  • Get out to the streets.
  • Don't get into any confrontations with the locals.


Keeper's Chapel

Loot ListEdit

Total Loot:

  • Expert: 2455 Gold + 0 Gems + 230 Goods = 2685 Total Loot

Loot lists: Keeper's Chapel


Secret 1 Switch above small shed in starting yard reveal secret entrance.
Secret 2 Switch in office/workshop on the first floor reveals wallspace hall.
Secret 3 Switches reveal wallspace corridor in the north on the first floor.
Secret 4 Switches reveal wallspace corridor in the north on the second floor.
Secret 5 Switches reveal corridor between dining room and trophy room on the second floor.
Secret 6 Switched reveal wallspace corridor in the south on the second floor.
Secret 7 Frob book in second floor library to reveal passage with corpses.
Secret 8 Use cuckoo on clock and set time to 12 in southeast hall on second floor.
Secret 9 Switch behind pillar in staircase room northeast of first floor foyer reveals empty room.

Easter EggsEdit

A book located in the second floor trophy room relates the story of "Captain Rufus T. Spaulding" (an amalgam of "Rufus T. Firefly" and "Captain Geoffrey T. Spaulding", both character names of Groucho Marx) who hunts for the fabled "frumious Bandersnatch" (from Lewis Carroll's poem "Jabberwocky")


  • The level is almost identical to the following mission Masks.
  • It is possible to reach and enter the third floor to either collect additional loot or to explore the level. However, it is extremely difficult to leave the third floor past the guard post. The alarm system on the third floor doesn't yet exist in this mission, and neither does the elevator returning to the second floor.
  • It is possible for the aggressive ghost to leave the confines of the library and attack guards/security throughout the mansion. If so, this does not fail the mission as you have not caused the conflict with the locals.