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It's time for a face to face chat with my old friend Sheriff Truart.

Blackmail is the seventh mission in Thief II: The Metal Age. Having acquired an incriminating recording of Sheriff Truart, Garrett heads to the Truart Estate to get some information from him.


Garrett has stolen the recording and it is time to meet face to face with Gorman Truart, who may face the gallows if the recording is made public. It is cocktail night at the Sheriff's estate, so Garrett has to wait until all the guests have cleared out. Truart has beefed up security since becoming sheriff, so breaking in may prove to be a little difficult, but some drunken guests have left him an open door. He watched the last guest leave and the servants should be cleaning up. The sheriff should be fast asleep by that time, and Garrett just has to go to his bedroom with the recording.


  • It is late at night and the sheriff is most likely asleep in his bedroom suite on the third floor of his mansion. Find your way there and get him out of bed.
  • You must confront Gorman Truart with the recording. Use it to blackmail him and get the information that you want.
  • The sheriff has caused you lots of trouble. Take some of Truart's possessions to make up for all the hardship that he has cause you.
    • Get 700 loot. (Normal)
    • Get 900 loot. (Hard)
    • Get 1100 Loot. (Expert)
  • You must get away to a safe location when your business at the sheriff's mansion has been concluded.
  • The sheriff's guests and servants never did you any harm, so don't kill them. (Hard)
  • Even though Everyone loyal to the sheriff deserves to feel your wrath, it's better not to create more problems than you already have. Don't kill anyone. (Expert)

Later Objectives:

  • Search the murder site for evident about who killed the sheriff. (After learning of Truart's murder)
  • Drop Truart's body in the dug grave in the private graveyard. (Bonus objective)


Starting GearEdit


  • 10 Flares
  • 2 Scouting Orbs
  • 10 Water Arrows
  • 1 Slow-Fall Potion (Expert: 0)
  • 1 Healing Potion (Hard/Expert: 0)
  • 60 Broadhead Arrows (Hard/Expert: 20)
  • 6 Moss Arrows
  • 1 Rope Arrow
  • 3 Noisemaker Arrows[1] (Expert: 0)


  • 2 Invisibility Potions (Expert: 0)
  • 10 Water Arrows
  • 15 Broadhead Arrows
  • 2 Rope Arrows
  • 2 Healing Potions
  • 2 Slow-Fall Potions (Expert: 0)
  • 5 Moss Arrows
  • 4 Flash Bombs
  • 2 Fire Arrows
  • Tip

Characters Present in MissionEdit

Type Count Notes
Normal Hard Expert
Sheriff Sword Guard 16 18 18 Benny, Officer
Sheriff Bow Guard 8 9 11
Sheriff Helmet Guard 0 1 1
Sheriff Sergeant 6 6 6
Haunt 1 1 1
Worker Bot 1 1 1
Watcher 4 4 4
Nobleman 8 8 8 Six of them are sleeping.
Servant 4 4 4 One dead. The dead one is in the dungeon and will be a zombie if playing the original unpatched v1.07 game.
Unarmed Pagan 1 1 1
Green Spider 2 2 2 Only appear if the "Do Not Push This Button" button is pushed in the dungeon.

Storyline CharactersEdit

Difficulty AlterationsEdit

The changes in this level are VERY minor.

No change in layout of the mansion or the grounds, though the outside light box is moved on hard and expert. Some of the loot gets moved around on the harder difficulties. Two less moss arrow in the Arboretum, the attic invisibility potion is replace with a Flash bomb, and there is some missing items in the secret graveyard (hard: invisibility potion and fire arrow; expert: all but the flares and moss arrows).


Keeper's Chapel

Loot ListEdit

Total Loot:

  • Normal: 1155 Gold + 100 Gems + 845 Goods = 2100 Total Loot
  • Hard/Expert: 1205 Gold + 150 Gems + 745 Goods = 2100 Total Loot

Keepers' Chapel


Total Secrets: 6 (5 on Normal)

Secret 1Edit

Location: South edge of map, on other side of mantle-able rocks.

Claiming: Go through the crack hidden by some bushes on the eastern wall by the abandoned house. Run along the gap and through a small tunnel in the boulder. Just east of said boulder is a rock face that you can mantle up and over, landing you in the Truart private graveyard.


  • Normal = 1 speed potion, 3 flares, 1 slow-fall potion, 1 invisibility potion, 2 moss arrows, and a fire arrow
  • Hard = 1 speed potion, 3 flares, 1 slow-fall potion, and 2 moss arrows
  • Expert = 3 flares, 2 moss arrows, 1 Flash Bomb

Secret 2Edit

Location: Dungeon

Claiming: There are two ways to get to the secret dungeon. One) flip the switch in the dinning room fireplace. Two) hack up the board blocking the small tunnel in the southern outer wall of the crypt and push the button at the far end.

Loot: Purse on the dead servant; fire arrow in the corner by some pipes.

Secret 3Edit

Location: Under Chapel.

Claiming: High on the east chapel wall, next to the big metal hammer, is a cut out hammer-shaped section (there is a broadhead arrow, also on the wall, pointing up at it). Shoot an arrow into it, and the Hammer statue will move to the side, revealing a ladder leading down to a crypt. Beware the Haunt roaming the corridors.

Loot: An invisibility potion on the Haunt's belt, and a bloody golden skull on top of the one coffin.

Secret 4Edit

Location: In the larger bedroom directly south of the chapel.

Claiming: Unlock the door to the larger bedroom south of the chapel (not the one with the hidden entrance). By the bed there is an unlit torch sconce that can be turned, revealing a hidden panel in the floor.

Loot: A diamond.

Secret 5Edit

Location: Behind panel in the Weapons Room.

Claiming: Above the door to the weapons room is a target. Hit the very center with an arrow and a panel will open slide up in the wall.

Loot: One gas mine.

Secret 6 (Hard/Expert only)Edit

Location: Game room wall.

Claiming: This secret is only available on the harder difficulties. On hard, shoot an arrow into the target by the fireplace. On expert, shoot a water arrow at the spilled mead on the carpet to clean it up. On either difficulty, doing such will cause one of the mounted head to slide to the side revealing your prize.

Loot: One golden necklace.

Easter EggsEdit


  • There is a small cave at the north end of the moat that you can mantle into. It serves no purpose and contains no loot/items.
  • The dungeon contains a button on the wall with a plaque reading "Do not push this button.". Doing so will cause two (very much alive) green spiders to magically appear in the room.
  • The dinning room table has a burnt appearance (blackened spots with holes), this is not on purpose; "These transparent 'holes' are caused by a black section on the textures covering the objects. Thief treats the color black as transparent and will not show it." [2]
  • In the abandoned house outside the walls, there is a lone Pagan with a knife on the ground, presumably Truart's murderer.


  1. Doesn't show on Starting Gear list, but will appear in inventory after you start the level.
  2. [[1]] Azal's Thief II Guide to the Strange and Unusual