The only released demo for Thief II: The Metal Age.

The Unwelcome Guest DemoEdit

The first difference is an altered icon for play, seen right.
T2D Icon

The map contains an altered version of Thief II: The Metal AgeLife of the Party. The Thieves Highway is slightly longer, and is slightly more complex. One of the arguing guards has a different voice, and the housebreakers use alternate dialogue. Angelwatch is restricted to the top floors only, and for some reason, has guards on the roof. The drunk guard had a buddy, who was placed on the roof edge; In the full game, he has fallen.

Contains a highly altered version of the M11 briefing T2 b11.


  • thf2demo.exe Thief Alpha 1.01
  • released on or after 15 Nov 1999
  • Download: thief2demo.exe