The Haunted Cathedral
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Randy Smith
Official Mission
(7th mission in TDP)
(8th mission in Thief Gold)
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I've heard stories of the incident, most are wild rumours about hordes of zombies and raging fires.

You may be looking for the place of the same name.

The Haunted Cathedral is the seventh mission in Thief: The Dark Project and the eighth in Thief Gold. Contracted by Constantine, Garrett enters the Sealed Section of Old Quarter to acquire for him The Eye from the abandoned Hammerite Cathedral.

This mission introduces Apparitions and Craymen.

Mission BackgroundEdit

The Hammerite Cathedral in question is in an abandoned section of Old Quarter that was walled off decades ago. While the details of the cause of the disaster are not fully known, rumors tell of hordes of Zombies and raging fires. Garrett must make his way through the ruins to the cathedral. This mission is made up mostly of burnt out and collapsed buildings obscuring overgrown and leaf covered streets. The way through to the cathedral on the hill is not straightforward. Ghosts and Zombies as well as other fauna have taken over. It is also pitch dark and one of the necessities is finding and starting up the old power grid. Upon arriving at the cathedral it is found to be sealed with magical wards, a plaque reading "Warning: Great evil resides in this place, and it is no longer fit for men. The doors are sealed to protect us from that which lies within. Do not remain here". At the rear of the building The Eye itself speaks through an open window, telling of a secret place in a nearby grotto with information on how to get the door open. Inside is found a trap-ridden and abandoned Keeper library with scrolls and a table map of the city telling where the "keys" lie.


  • Find the Cathedral.
  • Find a way to get inside the Cathedral, and steal the Eye.
  • Take the opportunity to steal other valuables.
    • Grab 750 in loot. (Normal)
    • Grab 1750 in loot. (Hard)
    • Grab 2000 in loot. (Expert)
  • Exit the ruins.
  • A valuable item called the Serpentyle Torc is reputed to be somewhere in these ruins. Find it. (Hard/Expert)
  • There used to be a monument in this part of town called the Watchman's Grave that thieves would leave coins on for good luck. You have brought some coins, just in case. (Expert)

Later Objectives:

  • Follow the Eye's directions in order to learn how to get inside the Cathedral. (After the Eye speaks to Garrett)
  • Get the Portal Key out of the Keeper's library. (After Garrett reads about the talismans)


Starting GearEdit

  • 50 Broadhead Arrows
  • 5 Water Arrows
  • 4 Fire Arrows
  • 5 Rope Arrows
  • 5 Noisemaker Arrows
  • 3 Flash Bombs
  • 2 Holy Water Vials
  • Lockpicks
  • Constantine's Sword
  • Coins (only on Expert)


  • 6 Water Arrows
  • 5 Moss Arrows
  • 4 Fire Arrows
  • 5 Rope Arrows
  • 5 Noisemaker Arrows
  • 6 Flash Bombs
  • 8 Mines
  • 2 Holy Water Vials
  • 2 Healing Potions
  • a Tip

Characters present in the MissionEdit

Type Count Notes
Normal Hard Expert
Apparition 3 4 4
Burrick 6 8 9
Craymen 1 2 2 None in the wrecked house near Market St. on Normal.
Green Spiders 4 4 4
Haunt 4 5 5 1 more in the Serpentyle Torc house on Hard and Expert. 3 are always inside the Cathedral, and are harmless.
Fire Shadow 1 1 1 (Thief Gold only)
Zombie 9 12 13 2 are always inside the Cathedral, and are harmless.

Storyline CharactersEdit

Difficulty AlterationsEdit

There are no changes in the level's structure, throughout all difficulty settings. In general there are more horrors wandering the area on higher settings. There are also more Burricks wandering near the Cathedral on Hard and Expert. There is an extra Apparition roaming the streets and a Haunt in the house where the Serpentyle Torc is placed on Hard and Expert. The Zombies and Craymen also appear in more quantity on higher difficulties. Those who play on Normal will benefit from and extra Light Box key, on a window near the drawbridge before Market st., which is easier to acquire than the only available key on the other settings. The only affected piece of loot, is a chest with a necklace worth 100 gold, missing on Expert.

Thief: The Dark Project vs Thief GoldEdit

The only difference between the two editions is the presence of a new enemy, the Fire Shadow (which is present in Thief Gold). It serves as a supply of Fire Arrows for the torch puzzle.


Keeper's Chapel

Loot ListEdit

There is a total of 2635 loot in this mission where 1275 is in gold, 600 in gems and 760 in goods.

Keeper's Chapel


Some TipsEdit

  • Turning on the street lights via the Light Boxes is a double-edged sword. On one hand it can prove useful finding in finding the path and loot, but on the other hand there will be fewer shadows to hide in. Note that the Light Boxes not only turn on the street lights, but the lights inside the buildings and sewers as well.
  • The house with the Serpentyle Torc has two Haunts in it, who are difficult to avoid if the lights are on. There are, however, switches in the house to turn off the lights.
  • The whole mission area is a mixture of of beasts and undead. There is no restriction on killing, even on expert. Burricks and the undead will fight if they encounter each other, though is not a viable tactic for the whole mission.
  • Two (or one, if aimed right in the center of the statue) Fire Arrows are needed to open the secret door to the Keeper's Chapel. There are eleven Fire Arrows placed around the mission itself, four in the starting inventory on any difficulty, and four that can be bought from the shop. The Fire Shadow was added in Thief Gold to make the Fire Arrow supply infinite.
  • There is a boulder outside the Keeper's Chapel (and a lever on the door inside) so you can use it with the broken statue to keep from getting trapped.
  • Some of the traps in the Keeper's Chapel will fire arrows that can get stuck in the walls. These can be collected for later use if the player has other objectives to complete.
  • There is many hidden loot in difficult places. Look everywhere (especially use your rope arrows) instead of just running through the streets. Group and kill the undead, so that searching will be less of a hassle.


The Sealed Section may have helped influence the town of Ravenholm (seen in Half-Life 2) since both are abandoned, have had an extremely violent and bloody event, and are populated by the undead or some other form of creatures. In Ravenholm, the undead are parasitic zombies, and the event was a shelling, and contained in the shells were the headcrabs. And though there is a church, it is seen as a temporary safehouse. Backing this theory up is the fact that Mark Laidlaw, the primary writer for the Half-Life series, has named Thief as his favorite PC game of all time.[1]

Inside The Cathedral there are three Hammer Haunts and two Zombies wandering around. They can be seen through the window near the Eye and killed, but this will not affect the enemy count in Return to the Cathedral.

The ambient music that plays in the smaller Keeper library in this mission will become a major leitmotif for the Keepers in the soundtrack to Thief: Deadly Shadows.

It is possible to get into the Cathedral through window due to bug. Get close to the window, turn around and jump. Once inside, Haunts are not hostile but the zombies are. Exit the Cathedral by using same bug on another window at second floor room to the right of altar with The Eye.


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