Strange Bedfellows
Designed by
Sara Verrilli
Official Mission
(12th mission in TDP)
(15th mission in Thief Gold)
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I have a bad feeling about this...

Strange Bedfellows is the twelfth mission in Thief: The Dark Project and the fifteenth in Thief Gold. Garrett returns to the Hammer Temple to enlist the aid of the Hammerites in stopping The Trickster, but finds that all is not as he expected.

Mission BackgroundEdit

The Trickster has the Eye, and Garrett's own eye. To take revenge on him, Garrett seeks the help of the Hammerites and returns to the temple from which he had previously stolen the two elemental talismans (one in Thief: Gold). Unfortunately, the Trickster has already visited the Hammerites and brought his vengeance upon them, so Garrett arrives to find the temple overrun with the nature god's minions. He locates a few members of the Order hidden underground, and they agree to help him.


  • The Hammerites have been preaching about the Trickster for years. Maybe they have some advice on how to deal with him for real. But with all the trouble you've been to them lately, you'll have to sneak in past their guards to talk to someone in charge.
  • The Hammers will never help you if you make the situation any worse. Better stay out of any more fights with them.
  • Looks like there's been trouble for more than just you. Before the Hammers can help you, you'll have to find them. (After Garrett enters the temple)
  • Those bug-ladies make your skin crawl. You're not leaving any of them to get out into the city. (Expert, if Garrett harms a Bugbeast)

Later Objectives:

  • Find the Hammer High Priest, who's being held hostage by the Trickster's creatures. (After Garrett speaks with the Hammers)
  • Return the High Priest to the besieged Hammers. (After Garrett finds the priest)
  • Retrieve this 'Builder's Chisel' the Hammerites seem to think is so important. (Expert)


Starting Gear (Normal/Hard)Edit

  • 8 Water Arrows
  • 1 Moss Arrow
  • 1 Gas Arrow
  • 2 Flash Bombs
  • 1 Gas Mine
  • Lockpicks

Starting Gear (Expert)Edit

  • 5 Water Arrows
  • 1 Moss Arrow
  • 1 Gas Arrow
  • 1 Flash Bomb
  • Lockpicks


  • 15 Water Arrows
  • 2 Moss Arrows
  • 3 Gas Arrows
  • 2 Rope Arrows (1 on Expert)
  • 4 Noisemaker Arrows (2 on Expert)
  • 2 Flash Bombs
  • 2 Gas Mines
  • 1 Speed Potion
  • 3 Healing Potions (1 on Expert)

Characters present in the MissionEdit

Type Count Notes
Normal Hard Expert
Ape Beasts 24 24 24
Bugbeast 4 4 4 On Expert you will be required to kill them all if you harm one.
Green Spiders 7 10 11
Spiderbeasts 3 3 4
Frogbeast 4 5 5
Hammerite Guard 3 3 3 All Hammers are allied with you.
Hammerite Priest 2 2 2 One of which is the High Priest.

Difficulty AlterationsEdit

Apart from the change in the creature's numbers, the only major difference is the missing raft on Expert. In that scenario you'll have to carry the High Priest to the Hammers via the Apebeast tunnels. Other smaller changes include: 7 less Broadhead Arrow stacks on Hard and 11 on Expert, all in the temple area; one less mine on Hard and two less on Expert; one less Gas Mine in the parring room on Expert; the Water Arrows stack, in the sink in the priest quarters, gives 3 arrows on Expert, instead of 1 on Normal and Hard; and one less Rope Arrow on Expert, located in the library.

Thief: The Dark Project vs Thief GoldEdit

In Thief: The Dark Project the raft meant to carry the high priest to safety at the end of the mission, has a bug causing the high priest to drown upon ANY contact with the water, preventing you from moving him downstream. This forces the player to take him through the Apebeast caves even on lower difficulty settings. This bug has been fixed in Thief Gold.


Keeper's Chapel


Easter EggsEdit

  • you can find a book which says: "Hadst I a hammer, wouldst I hammer in the morning. Wouldst I hammer in the evening, all over this land." This is a reference to the opening lyrics of the song "If I had a Hammer".


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