Into The Maw Of Chaos
Designed by
Mike Ryan
Sara Verrilli
Greg LoPiccolo
Official Mission
(13th mission in TDP)
(16 mission in Thief Gold)
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I've never robbed a god before. It'll be a challenge.

Into the Maw of Chaos is the thirteenth mission in Thief: The Dark Project and the sixteenth in Thief Gold. With a replica of The Eye in hand, Garrett enters The Maw of Chaos to find Constantine and stop him before he can complete his final ritual.



Mission BackgroundEdit

The Hammerites inform Garrett that The Trickster has descended into his realm to perform a ritual with the Eye so that he can open a portal between The City and his territory to allow his beasts to conquer the City. To stop him, the Hammers have built Garrett a booby-trapped replica of the Eye. If Garrett can successfully swap it for the real thing, it should cause the Trickster some major trouble. In order to deploy the counterfeit eye, Garrett goes into the Trickster's otherworldly realm, The Maw of Chaos, which is occupied by Ape Beasts, Craybeasts, Bugbeasts, Spider Beasts, Frogbeasts and Fire Elementals.


  • The Keepers tell you that Constantine's gone into the 'Maw of Chaos'. You get to go in after him.
  • If you can swap the Fake Eye the Hammerites made for the real Eye he's using in the ritual, that should put a damper on his plans.
  • The more beasts come through that portal, the more get through to the Hammer temple and the city. The Hammers tell you that if you don't destroy the portal before Constantine finishes his ritual, it may remain open forever even if the Trickster's plan fails. (Expert)
  • It looks like things aren't going to go wrong until the end of the ritual. You'll have to wait. (After Garrett places the fake eye)

Starting GearEdit


  • 40 Broadhead Arrows
  • 1 Water Arrow
  • 1 Fire Arrow
  • 1 Moss Arrow
  • 1 Gas Arrow
  • 5 Rope Arrows
  • 5 Noisemaker Arrows
  • 2 Flash Bombs
  • 2 Mines
  • 2 Gas Mines
  • 2 Healing Potions
  • M14TIP2 note
  • Fake Eye


  • 30 Broadhead Arrows
  • 3 Rope Arrows
  • 3 Noisemaker Arrows
  • 1 Flash Bomb
  • 1 Mine
  • 1 Gas Mine
  • 1 Healing Potion
  • M14TIP2 note
  • Fake Eye


  • 20 Broadhead Arrows
  • 1 Water Arrow
  • 1 Fire Arrow
  • 1 Moss Arrow
  • 1 Gas Arrow
  • 2 Rope Arrows
  • 2 Noisemaker Arrows
  • M14HINT note
  • Fake Eye

Characters present in the MissionEdit

Type Count Notes
Normal Hard Expert
Ape Beasts 7 7 8 1 more near the giant tree on Expert.
Bugbeasts 6 6 7 1 more stationary in the starting tunnels.
Craybeast 1 1 1
Green Spiders 5 5 8
Spiderbeasts 2 2 4
Fire Elemental 1 2 3
Frogbeast 1 2 3

Note: These are the numbers of the creature at the beginning of the mission. Apebeasts, Bugbeasts and Craybeasts will continuously spawn from the portal, although it takes them some time to travel inside their cocoons in order to hatch. They will "despawn" when they pass through the portal where you start, thus keeping the active number of beasts constant. Furthermore, these newly spawning beasts will only bother you if you stay around in the first area (big cave stairs from the entrance portal to the caves).

Storyline CharactersEdit

Difficulty AlterationsEdit

On lower difficulty settings there will be fewer Beasts, although there are new creatures constantly coming from the portal. The only change apart from that is one less Fire Arrow in the Ice Fields on Expert.

Thief: The Dark Project vs Thief GoldEdit

One small difference between the editions is an Ape Beast, at the end of the spider lair, missing in Thief Gold.


Keeper's Chapel


Some TipsEdit

  • When playing on Expert, save one Fire, Water, Moss and Gas Arrow for the portal objective. Unlike in the Bonehoard or the Haunted Cathedral, there is no way to resupply arrows.
  • Because Constantine has some dialogue after successfully completing his ritual, the mission will not be considered a failure if the Eye is switched at the last moment.