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For the enemy combatant, see Assassin

Designed by
Mike Ryan
Greg LoPiccolo
Official Mission
(5th mission in campaign)
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So, these are Ramirez' boys. I think it's time I dealt with Mr. Ramirez once and for all.
  — Garrett

Assassins is the fifth mission in Thief: The Dark Project and Thief Gold. In this mission, Garrett initially intends to loot the local Hammer Temple, but after a failed assassination attempt by Ramirez, he decides to teach him a lesson instead.

This is the first mission to feature Lock Picks.

Mission Background

Garrett sells the Horn of Quintus for a tidy profit and decides to buy a new set of thieving tools from the merchant Farkus. His prices are steep, as few merchants are willing to sell to an independent thieves, but Garrett prefers his independence to working for the City Wardens, who would take a cut from his haul. As a result, the wardens have been threatening Garrett over his independent status for some time now.

Initially the objectives state that the mission involves trying out the new lockpicks in a bit of random burglary at the Hammer temple. However, things change quickly. The mission begins in Farkus' shop as an arrow flies through the window and kills him. The arrow was meant for Garrett, and the task now becomes tracking the assassins. Most of the mission area is a large, convoluted section of The City's streets which the player must tail the assassins through.

The second part of the mission begins at the mansion of warden Ramirez, who sent the assassins. The mansion is sizable, having two floors along with a basement and a courtyard. It also has a large compliment of guards, servants and an alarm system. Garrett decides to teach Ramirez a lesson by stealing the purse of gold off his belt in his own home. The difficulty level alters the complexity of the route the assassins take through the city as well as the amount of guards that patrol the streets if the alarm is triggered.


  • Now that you've got the finest in lockpicks, you can go after more challenging - and lucrative - targets. How about the local Hammer Temple? Get at least 1,000 loot.
  • A true professional doesn't leave a mess. Don't kill anyone! (Expert)
  • Evidently these assassins think they have killed you. As long as they continue to think that, they should lead you right back to whoever sent them. (After the assassins murder Farkus)

Later Objectives:

  • Time to show Ramirez who the real criminal mastermind is. Break into his mansion and take what he values most - his wealth. The purse from his belt should make the point. (After Garrett reaches Ramirez's mansion)
  • Since you have to break into Ramirez's mansion anyway, you might as well take the opportunity to steal some stuff. (After Garrett reaches Ramirez's mansion)
  • Get out of the mansion. (After Garrett reaches Ramirez's mansion)
  • Loot the mansion for valuables. You need at least 1,000 worth. (Normal)
  • Loot the mansion for valuables. You need at least 1,500 worth. (Hard)
  • Loot the mansion for valuables. You need at least 2,000 worth. (Expert)
  • Locate his prized silver fire-poker. It's worth quite a bit. (Hard/ Expert)
  • Looks like these guys aren't too happy about what you did to their boss. They don't seem to want for you to get back to your house in one piece. (If the alarms is sounded during Garrett's infiltration)


Starting Gear

  • 40 Broadhead Arrows
  • 4 Water Arrows
  • 2 Moss Arrows
  • Lock Picks and Lock Picks instructions


  • 20 Broadhead Arrows
  • 11 Water Arrows
  • 8 Moss Arrows
  • 2 Fire Arrows
  • 3 Healing Potions

Characters present in the Mission

Type Count Notes
Assassin 2 Plus 4 if the alarm goes off. You will fail if they spot you prior to reaching the mansion.
Burrick 2
Ramirez Sword Guard 15 Plus 11 if the alarm goes off.
Ramirez Bow Guard 2 Plus 9 if the alarm goes off.
Servant 10

Storyline Characters

Difficulty Alterations

This mission is little affected by the change of difficulty, except the objectives count. The points at which the Assassins stop on their way back to Ramirez's mansion vary to some extent, between the difficulty settings, but they will choose any of the three possible paths regardless of the last. The only items affected by difficulty are a couple Moss Arrows in Farkus' shop, not present on Expert.


Assassins path, extra loop is on Hard & Expert

Loot List

There is a total of 2705 loot in this mission where 1800 is in gold, 250 in gems and 655 in goods.

Keeper's Chapel


  • There is a secret passage hidden behind a bookcase door in the second floor library. The door is to the left of the fireplace and the secret book switch to open it is to the right of the fireplace. The passage leads to the first floor storage room.
  • In Ramirez's bedroom, there is a secret passage accessible through the back wall of the fireplace where Garrett can find the silver fire-poker and a chest containing 100 gold. Another way into this passage is by cutting down the Hammerite tapestry in a nearby room and climbing through the opening in the wall. There is also a small window overlooking a bedroom, implying that Ramirez spies on his guests.

Some Tips

  • The assassins you follow will choose a different route around the city streets to Ramirez's mansion every time. If you encounter pedestrians or City guards along the way, know that they won't bother you if you don't provoke them. Still make sure that the assassins don't spot you.
  • This is the first mission in which you can actually plan your point of entry into the mansion. The library balcony to the east and Ramirez's bedroom balcony both provide a good way in. You can also try to sneak from the rear towards the central courtyard. Unlike Bafford's mission, here it is possible to make it inside through the front entrance, but it is still dangerous. Two crates stacked against a building in the adjoining street marks the location of a gap in the exterior wall which can be reached by stacking more crates and climbing onto the wall segment in front of the gap. It is easier however to climb up from the low wall near the entrance, drop into a small trench (the small strip of dark green on the map above) and climb the ladder conveniently placed on the inside of the wall segment mentioned.
  • If the alarm is sounded it'll not only make things harder inside the mansion, but then you'll also have to make it back to your home, instead of just getting back on the streets. Not to mention the additional 24 Ramirez thugs looking for you around the streets.

Easter Eggs

  • In Ramirez's room in the basement, you can pull the small curtain and a bell will ring. This will make a servant with bandy legs come down from the kitchen to bring food and drinks.


  • Ramirez's Mansion was originally much larger, but had to be trimmed down to fit the memory footprint. [1]
  • The two assassins sent to kill Garrett are named Quince and Jacow. This is revealed from overhearing two guards in a storage room inside the mansion.
  • If the archer assassin spot Garrett, he will shoot either Broadhead Arrow or Fire Arrow. When he arrives at the mansion, he no longer shoots Fire Arrows.
  • You can blackjack or kill (on lower difficulty levels) pedestrians, when tracking assassins on streets, but their bodies will disappear when assassins arrive at the mansion.
  • Throughout the Old Quarter streets, there are numerous windows that can be 'broken' by shooting broadhead arrows at them. When shot, the sound of shattering glass can be heard and their light goes out. The breakable windows are found mainly in the street just outside Farkus's store as well as the three windows across from Ramirez's front gate. Broadhead arrows are the only arrow type that will break the windows. Throwing certain junk objects at high speed (like the vase or bedroll on Farkus's shelf) will also break them. This is, however, not a useful stealth tactic as the loud noise of glass breaking will alert nearby guards.
  • When the alarm is sounded, the mansion servants disappear.

The street outside Farkus's store after all the windows had been shot with broadheads


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