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It was the beginning of a very long education.
  — Garrett

A Keeper's Training is the first mission in Thief: The Dark Project and Thief Gold. It serves as a tutorial in which the player is thought the basic game mechanics such as moving without making noise and hiding in the shadows. After these steps there are instructed in using the Bow, Sword combat, keys, potions and, in the end, some advanced movement training like rope climbing, mantling, and jumping.


Garrett starts as a youth living on the streets of The City. One night he tries to pick the pocket of a strange cloaked figure ("People just passed him by like he wasn't there"). The man catches Garrett in the act and reveals himself to be a Keeper and says to him "You have talent, lad. To see a Keeper is not an easy thing, especially one who does not wish to be seen." The man then invites Garrett to follow him if he is tired of his current life.

Mission Background[]

TG M1 map PAGE001

Keeper Compound map.

Garrett, brought under the wing of the Keepers, is taught the skills necessary to survive as one of their order whilst being vocally instructed.


  • Follow the directions of your Instructor in order to pass the training tests.

Characters present in the Mission[]

Type Count Notes
Keeper Instructor 3 Not hostile to Garrett.
Sparring Partner 1 Hostile, but will not inflict damage to Garrett.

Version Differences[]

European 1.14 (Not Found in Other Versions)[]

1.22 (Demo)[]

  • Removal of the Zombie head on one of the basketball posts.


  • Training dummy no longer highlights when looking at it.
  • Easter Egg area fix, prior to this version the player could become permanently stuck behind the portcullis.

1.37 (Thief Gold)[]

  • Timing change on the portcullis after the Hearing Detector.

Difficulty Alterations[]

The Easter Egg only appears on Expert difficulty.


A walkthrough is not necessary for this mission; all objectives are laid out clearly.

Loot List[]

There is only one lootable item, the Purple Vase worth 50 gold, on the table in the last room.


Easter Eggs[]

When played on Expert difficulty, a secret basketball court can be discovered containing a Basketball and also a Bedroll which in reality is a scroll with some hilarious quotes from the Development Team.

QUOTES location1

The entrance.

To access the Basketball court, first play on Expert difficulty and continue the mission until a sparring match occurs with the Sparring Partner. After the conclusion of the battle run as quickly to the table containing the Apple, Healing Potion and key; pick up the key, and follow the Sparring Partner into the hallway he came from. This must be done as quick as possible because a portcullis will lower preventing entry moments after the Sparring Partner enters the hallway. Once inside, continue past the Sparring Partner to the right until a locked door is encountered. Either use the key from the table to unlock it or bash trough the door using the Sword. The basketball court is behind it. When not playing on Expert difficulty a stone like slab inside the hallway will block the path.


  • Although this mission is optional, chooses to skip it will result in missing out on an extra 50 loot that can be added to the base amount of 300 gold for the next mission.
  • The Keeper Instructors are not hostile to Garrett and the Sparring Partner does not inflict damage to him, likewise, Garrett can not be hostile to the instructors (since he has not yet received weapons) and can not hurt the Sparring Partner making this the only safe mission for both Garrett and other characters.


  • Breaking open any of the three doors in the last building will only show an earthen wall.
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