A Keeper's Training
Designed by
Randy Smith
Greg LoPicollo
Mark Lizotte
Official Mission
(1st mission in campaign)
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Total Loot
It was the beginning of a very long education.

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A Keeper's Training is the first mission in Thief: The Dark Project and Thief Gold. Garrett, brought under the wing of the Keepers, is taught the skills necessary to survive as one of their order whilst being vocally instructed.

This mission is a tutorial which the player chooses to start or skip upon starting a new game. Should a player select to skip A Keeper's Training they will miss out on 50 loot that can be added to the base amount of 300 gold for the next mission, Lord Bafford's Manor.

This mission exists to teach the player some of the basic game mechanics such as moving silently and hiding oneself by utilizing shadows. Garrett is also instructed in using the Bow, Sword, keys, and potions. Finally, he is given some advanced movement training whereby Garrett learns how to climb a rope, mantle, and jump.

Mission BackgroundEdit

Garrett starts as a youth living on the streets of the City. One night he tries to pick the pocket of a strange cloaked figure ("People just passed him by like he wasn't there"). The man catches Garrett in the act and reveals himself to be a Keeper ("You have talent, lad. To see a Keeper is not an easy thing, especially one who does not wish to be seen"). The man then invites Garrett to follow him.


  • Follow the directions of your Instructor in order to pass the training tests.

Characters present in the MissionEdit

Type Count Notes
Keeper Instructor 3
Sparring Partner 1

Version DifferencesEdit

European 1.14 (Not Found in Other Versions)Edit

  • Starting room has a painting showing The Master Builder fighting The Trickster
  • Two statues can be found in the Keeper's chambers at the end of the level.

1.22 (Demo)Edit

  • Removal of the Zombie head on one of the basketball posts.


  • Training dummy no longer highlights when looking at it.
  • Easter Egg area fix, prior to this version the player could become permanently stuck behind the portcullis.

1.37 (Thief Gold)Edit

  • Timing change on the portcullis after the Hearing Detector.

Difficulty AlterationsEdit

The Easter Egg only appears on Expert difficulty.


A walkthrough is not necessary for this mission; all objectives are laid out for you.

Loot ListEdit

There is a total of 50 loot in this mission - the goblet on the table at the end of the mission.

Easter EggsEdit

If the player enters the Training Mission on Expert difficulty, Garrett can play basketball and find a Bedroll with some hilarious quotes from the Development Team. To be able to access the Basketball court, the player must make it to the point where he/she combats the Sparring Partner. After defeating him in the sparring area they must quickly run to the table behind the sparring arena, pick up the key, and then follow the Sparring Partner into a hallway. This must be done quickly as some bars will lower to prevent entry not long after the Sparring Partner enters the hallway. Once in the hallway, the player should continue past the Sparring Partner to the right until they see a locked door. The player can either use the key they got from the table to unlock it or bash the door open with their sword.