TDS loot noisearrow The Noisemaker Arrow is a controlled explosive arrow shot with the Bow, that creates a noisy distraction.



Attack: No

Stealth Bonus: No

Areas they can be found: equipment shops or storage areas, where Thieves dwell

Maximum amount in inventory (TDS only): 5

Length: 2.97 DromEd Units


  • distracting characters

Noisemaker T2 Noisemaker TDS

Tactical InformationEdit

Thief: The Dark Project/Gold/The Metal AgeEdit

The Noisemaker Arrow's name speaks for itself, but it also has some very specific properties. Upon impact the Noisemaker doesn't stick, nor it is lost, but instead it bounces of the surface. After that it falls to the ground, where it drops still or slides on it if the flight angle allows it. Then it can be picked up again. Upon the arrows first hit, its mechanism triggers and starts producing strange and loud noises. The noises are so loud, every character in the area, both in the same room and the adjacent rooms will become alerted and start a search for the cause of the noise. Characters will wander around the arrows without noticing it, until they finally get tired of searching and calm down. While they search around, use the time to either sneak past them or blackjack them. However the Noisemaker produces such a racket, that the patrols that hear it, will be on the highest alert. This will make them very vigilant, which can turn the table. Unlike a calm patrolling character, a nervous character can change his path and turn around instantly, which makes backstabbing and sneaking around harder. The uproar can even bring more unwanted enemies to the otherwise peaceful are guarded by only one or two patrols. When deciding whether to use or not a Noisemaker Arrow, first consider if sneaking by is a better option.

Noisemaker arrowhead

The best line of thinking is to avoid making a spectacle in order to get someone's attention and try to sneak by like a ghost. But sometimes it is necessary to break a crowd of people or creature from their regular paths so the player can have some breathing space. The Noisemakers are an excellent weapon in the hands of a skilled archer. They can slide on the ground from one place to another, or be activated above the enemies or even on another floor, so they get even more confused and divert further from their stations. The Fire Arrow can also be used for distraction as it makes a lot of noise when exploding. If there must be precision in distraction only a few characters, without the cause of serious commotion, one can use a Broadhead Arrow, since its noise factor and radius are much lower.

Unlike the Broadhead Arrow or the Crystal Arrows, which have numerous uses, or the Rope Arrow which have a unique use, the Noisemaker Arrow's only trait is its distraction purpose – an ability that can be replaced by other arrows with a similar success. This is the reason, that makes a wide group of taffers doubt the Noisemaker's application in the thief's work. They claim that the arrows price on the weapons and tools market is not correspondent to its usage and substitutes. Further more they say that a thief's job is to move unseen and even in hard situations a better alternative can be found, and that is why Noisemakers (and a few other tools) are considered unprofitable. Noisemaker Arrows have their usage and their best advantage is the ability to pick them up without limit. However, with all those tools and weapons that must be present in the inventory, the Noisemakers are actually one of the items that can be skipped in the shop's choices. In general, there should be one or two Noisemaking Arrows in the inventory for a full set of equipment, but when buying equipment prior a mission one should spend his gold on Broadhead Arrows, Water Arrows or, Healing Potions and such important items.

Thief: Deadly ShadowsEdit

In Thief: Deadly Shadows the Noisemaker Arrow has a different mechanism, which is not triggered by an impact, but time instead. The arrow starts making loud noises within brief moment after being shot, without taking into consideration whether it is in the air or on the ground. A normal shot make the arrow start hissing in mid air, which makes it a loud noisemaking fast-moving projectile. This increases the distraction effect, which gives the Noisemaker Arrow a more distinct place. After the arrow bounces to the ground it can again be picked up and reused.

Thief: Deadly Shadows MobileEdit

Icon noise

The noisemaker arrow is called simply "noise arrow" in Thief: Deadly Shadows Mobile.

Arrow CharacteristicsEdit

Noisemakerarrow dromed

The Noisemaker Arrow has two main variations. The first is the T1/TG/T2 model which is unique because it doesn't have a head, but instead it uses a sharpened shaft in the front end with iron plating and it uses metal fletching. The noisemaking mechanism is within the arrow itself. In Thief 1 and Thief Gold the noise is a constant rattling. In Thief 2 the same rattling is present, but it is also accompanied by distinct knocking sounds that resemble footsteps. The second model is the TDS model which uses a noisemaking arrowhead. It is triggered by a time mechanism and makes loud noises that resemble fireworks. The arrowhead also emits sparks which further enhances its function.