Edwina Moira is the wife of captain Robert Moira. She seems to have lost her mind due to the shock from hearing of her husband's death.[1]

W Moira

The Widow, Seated in the Cupola

In the mission House of the Widow Moira, Garrett can find Edwina sitting in the cupola, singing a shanty in her delirium and talking to people who aren't there.[2] She mistakes him for one of the guests and asks him to bring a bottle of wine. Any normal bottle will do; there are three in the kitchen.

She dislikes the Mechanist Victrola that her husband had kept in the master bedroom and apparently refuses to listen to it. On it the late captain had recorded a message to her detailing the location of a chest holding her inheritance and the method by which one might access its secret room.[3][4]

The player may choose to steal the bag containing Edwina's inheritance from the secret room, or leave it for her (except on Expert, where it is needed to complete the mission). If Garrett steals it, Edwina will send a loyal thug, Curtis, to kill him and get it back. Curtis leaves the note from the widow on a bench outside Garrett's Building on day 5.[5] If Garrett gets the wine, leaves the inheritance, and doesn't kill her guests she will have an expensive bottle of wine and a thank you note delivered to his apartment. These will appear on the dresser in Garrett's bedroom on day 5.[6] Oddly enough, Curtis' instructions are still on the bench outside.

Moira is one of the few characters in the Thief games that doesn't react negatively to Garrett's presence during a mission.


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