Robert Moira is the captain of the ship Abysmal Gale and resides in a towering cliffside estate not far from the City called Overlook Mansion, where he lived with his wife Edwina Moira. According to the Abysmal Gale's manifest found in the cargo rooms below the ship, the captain was more of a pirate than a merchant. He made voyages to uncharted locations, collecting exotic artifacts that were sent to his mansion and bribed city officials to not reveal all the items in his stash.[1] Although he claimed not to be superstitious, he did keep a luck charm, The Nereid, and brought his wife's scarf on his last voyage after the lens had been chipped. Moira also kept in his master bedroom a Mechanist Victrola,[2] which might indicate that he had a connection with the Mechanists just like the rest of the nobility in Thief 2.

A battered Abysmal Gale docked in the City one day, occupied by a crew of Zombies.[3] The City Watch quarantined the area and dispatched at least two people to investigate, including one named Reggy, but they did not return.[4]

In his journal, Moira relates his discovery of a strange indestructible golden slab in a secret cave. Because it could not be divided into shares, he brought it back to his mansion with a smaller cut of the loot.[5][6]

Near to the end of their voyage, Captain Moira appeared to have been stricken with madness.[7]According to the First Mate, Moira had begun acting strangely on their 44th day at sea; forsaking food and furiously seeking an unspecified item. By the next day, he was throwing their cargo into the ocean. The ship's cook was sent up with a platter of Clams n' Noodles (Moira's favourite food)[8] to pacify him, but was either killed or thrown overboard. On day 46, the crew had decided to resort to mutiny.[9] Unbeknownst to them, however, Moira received a visit from The Hag on day 43. After gathering information about the Abysmal Gale's history and approximate routes,[10] Gamall made her way on board, skinned the captain, and went through the entire cargo hold in search of the Compendium before realizing that she was too late.[11]


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