Brother Martello
RTC margrave
Voiced by
Dan Thron
This person lived during the time of the Catstrophe.

Brother Martello was a Hammerite who lived 50 years before Garrett first entered the walled-off section of the Old Quarter.

He was a good friend of Brother Murus, and had mourned his death for some time after the latter's burial.[1] Murus asked Garrett to bury Martello's body in the cloister graveyard. If dropped into his grave before Renault, his thankful voice is heard telling Garrett of the secret room in the winter tunnels.[2]

He probably died before the Cataclysm began. A grave was made, but his body somehow wound up in the Cathedral attic.

Trivia Edit

  • Martello, in Italian, means hammer.

References Edit

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