Lucky Hand of Glory
DromEd Object Model handogl
Quest Item
on a skeleton in block 1, cell 9
Original Owner

The Lucky Hand of Glory was a valuable item shaped like a human hand. Garrett owned the lucky hand of glory, though it is unknown how he originally acquired it. At some point, for reasons which are unclear, Garrett lent this hand to Issyt, a beggar. Unfortunately Issyt was captured by the Hammerites and thrown into Cragscleft Prison.[1] Although he had successfully concealed the hand from the Hammerites, Issyt eventually died in Cragscleft; however, Garrett was able to retrieve it from the skeletal remains when he went in to break Cutty and Basso out.[2] (T1: "Break from Cragscleft Prison")


Garrett seems to have been more superstitious in TDP/TG than in later games. In OM T1 The Haunted Cathedral, he decides to bring coins to the Watchman's Grave for a blessing of good fortune, whereas in the briefing for the T2 mission "Trail of Blood", he says that he does not believe in luck.[3]

Most ironically, when tasked with stealing the Jacknall's Paw in TDS, Garrett disparagingly remarks that "Severed hands don't pay the rent."[4]


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