You can haves it, I don't needs it anymore. His name is Dewdrop, and he doesn't likes Mechanists!
  — Lily

The ghost of Lily

Lily was a young pagan girl killed at the massacre at the pagan village, Beck o' the Wills, at the hands of the Mechanists.

She had a doll she named Dewdrop which Garrett could take with him, and her ghost seemed to offer her doll directly to Garrett.[1] Moments after, Lily's mother appears, saying that they must "go". The two then peacefully fade into the afterlife.

Her parents were given instructions for work she was to do for her 'home lesson' which talked about Nene and Enen.[2]


  • Unlike the other ghosts, Lily appears to be able to interact with Garrett as she talks directly to him.


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