Garrett's Keeper Door Glyph ability logo in Deadly Shadows

Garrett entering a Keeper passage, in Deadly Shadows

A TDS Mission Icon, used to begin a new mission

The door glyph is the secret to the Keepers apparent ability to disappear at will.

Invisible to non-Keepers, these glyphs serve as a way to get around The City incognito. Occasionally, the glyph serves as a door to a hiding spot, filled with food, drinks, books, and a stool to sit on. Other times, the glyph is set to bypass gates and barricades. The first time the glyph is seen (in its current use) is in the Keeper Library. The glyph is also used as the game icon on the desktop.


Stealth Bonus:

  • Open areas and passages marked with a Keeper Door Glyph on it
  • Passing through:
    • Provides access to secret or restricted areas
    • Gives a shortcut from area to area
    • Allows the game to progress
  • Provides a hiding place from all hostiles

Areas they can be found:

  • Nowhere. Passive ability.

Maximum amount in inventory:

  • 1 (sufficient for constant use)

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